3 Reasons Why a Shower Cabin would be a Great Addition to your Bathroom

3 Reasons Why a Shower Cabin would be a Great Addition to your Bathroom

Upgrading or remodeling your bathroom is a great opportunity to make some changes and incorporate some of the latest in bathroom innovation and design – and enjoy a better bathing experience. One of the most popular items to incorporate is a fully enclosed and feature-packed shower cabin.

Here are 3 reasons why installing an enclosed Shower cabin in your bathroom will enhance your entire bathroom experience, and make your life easier:

1. Easier cleaning

Possibly the most appealing fact about shower cabins – is that they are much easier to clean than a traditional bath or bath/shower combo. Especially if you opt for some of the proprietary shielding products offered, which effectively prevent the buildup of mildew and mould, and such like.

A quick wipe down with a sponge or damp cloth after each shower is all that’s required to keep the cabin sparkling clean and fresh and ready for use the next time.

An enclosed cabin also eliminates spillage onto the surrounding bathroom floor and does away with the need for any shower curtain (which is notorious for harbouring bacteria and mould).

2. No condensation

There’s nothing more frustrating than jumping into the shower in the morning and then jumping out to find that you can’t use the mirror in the bathroom because it’s all fogged up thanks to the steam from the shower.

A shower cabin eliminates this pesky problem, allowing you to step out and continue your grooming without the need to wait for the mirror to demist.

The fact that all the vapour is maintained within the cabin also means that walls and ceilings are not subjected to excessive moisture – avoiding condensation on windows and growth of mould and bacteria in other parts of the room which can easily build up over time.

3. Controlled environment

Being able to enclose yourself within the cabin makes it much easier to control the temperature, as it’s a confined space and not influenced by draughts or even natural airflow within the home. This can allow you to enjoy a perfectly controlled bathing environment, especially since most modern shower cabins come with thermostatic and intelligent controls allowing you to set the perfect water temperature and maintain it throughout your shower. What’s better is that, the next time you shower the same settings will give you the same perfect temperature to enjoy without any fiddly adjusting.

Installing a modern shower cabin in your bathroom will not only enhance your daily bathing and grooming routine but will also save valuable time when it comes to cleaning, and help avoid any moisture-related problems in your bathroom over the long term.

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