4 Simple Tips to Make Moving Day Easier

4 Simple Tips to Make Moving Day Easier

So you’re moving – that’s great! We all know how stressful it can be and how much effort and time can be invested in a move, so here are 4 simple tips to make sure that moving day goes as smoothly as possible.

1. Easy access – make sure your driveway is cleared prior to the arrival of the moving truck. This will make life easier than having to scramble about backing cars out of the driveway when it arrives. If the moving vehicle will be parked out on the street, make sure to inform neighbours and make sure that adequate parking space is allowed as well as for access to the truck if it has a low-loading ramp.

Don’t forget to make sure that you’ll have clear access to your new home too, especially if you’re moving to an urban area. Check to see if parking permission for the moving truck will be required – and if necessary get it organised well in advance to avoid any delays or problems on the day.

2. Lift access – if you’re doing an apartment move, make sure you get the lift access key to avoid unnecessary delays waiting for the lift as your possessions are transported from your flat to the moving vehicle. Most people don’t realise that lifts can be ‘reserved’ for such occasions. So it’s well worth making enquiries before moving day arrives to ensure that lift access is optimal for the movers – this will potentially save you lots of time – and frustration.

3. Open doors – be prepared to have all the doors in your home open for the movers to get quick and easy access to all rooms and areas of the property. This can be achieved by either using existing locking mechanisms on certain styles of doors, or simply getting your hands on some door wedges, or even making some DIY door stops from wood to keep doors open at all times. There’s nothing more frustrating than catching a sleeve on a door handle which then pulls the door closed or worse still a breeze blowing a door shut and causing some damage to your items. Making sure that doors are propped open simply removes any chance of such incidents and makes entering and leaving each space quicker and easier for the movers.

4. Ask questions – it pays to understand exactly what will happen on the day of the move itself. It’s one thing to know when to expect the movers to arrive, but have you asked about the order of loading? Will they be loading all the large heavy items first? Or room by room?

Knowing how the loading will be tackled can make it easier. Make sure that large items which will be loaded first are not surrounded or blocked by lots of smaller packing boxes.

If you are considering booking one of the professional Gloucester removals firms – make sure to ask as many questions about the moving process necessary to fully understand how everything will be dealt with on the day. The more details you know – the easier the whole loading and unloading process will be on the day.

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