5 Eco-friendly tips for moving home

5 Eco-friendly tips for moving home

We all know how moving home can be a stressful time. Chances are half of the stuff you’re moving is stuff that you don’t really need, or that you’ll most likely throw away. There’s a plethora of tips out there for moving house, but many of them neglect making the experience that little bit more eco-friendly. It doesn’t take more effort and hey, you might even save a bit of cash doing it.

There’s tons of sites out there that’ll help you move home, and even a couple of sites that help get rid of your junk in an eco-friendly manner like Junkwize, so there’s no reason to skimp out on being that little bit more eco-friendly when doing so:

  1. Use plastic crates instead of bags or bin bags!

    Plastic isn’t biodegradable, meaning if it does end up in a landfill, or on the side of the street, nature can’t work its magic and break it down. Plus, plastic can actually soak up and release toxins that contaminate the soil and make it dangerous for surrounding plants and animals. Foldaway crates are reusable, fairly sturdy and pretty cheap too, making them an eco-friendly alternative leaving behind no waste.

  2. Don’t move what hasn’t moved!

    There’s a lot of junk in your house that gathers dust and generally doesn’t contribute to the household. So why move it into another house where it’s just going to sit there doing the same thing? The mistake the majority of people make is moving their entire home, rather than just what needs to be moved. Sofas, beds and tables, yes. That old basket that holds nothing but dust and scraps of paper? No. This also saves on car journeys making it easier on the environment and your wallet.

  3. Research moving companies or rubbish disposal companies beforehand!

    Linking to the above, you don’t want your unused items to end up in a landfill or harming the earth, so make sure you take a look at companies who specialise in moving or junk removal in an eco-friendly manner. These companies also tend to charge lower rates to incentivise people to use their services, so you might be saving cash in the long run.

  4. Eat your pants off!

    A couple of weeks before the big move, try to eat as much of the food in the house as possible (within reason). Plan meals ahead for food in the freezer and food that will go off. That way you save money, and it stops you from wasting food! If worst comes to worst, you can always pop into your local supermarket as they’ll most likely have donation boxes for some of the food you can’t eat.

  5. Change your mailing address!

    Lastly, make sure you change your mailing address so your post doesn’t just get thrown away when arriving at your old place! Plus, you don’t want to end up with a bill you have to pay popping at the front of your new home four months later…

So if you’re moving house, make sure you do so in a way that doesn’t harm the environment. It’s easy, sometimes even cheaper plus you’ll feel good knowing that you’ve not only helped the environment, but helped yourself in getting rid of all the stuff you didn’t need!

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