5 Fresh Looks for Your Garage Floor

5 Fresh Looks for Your Garage Floor

Whether you’re building a brand new garage or refinishing an existing space, the available garage flooring types are limitless. While it may be somewhat challenging to choose just the right one, here are five different looks that will make your garage more than just a place to park your lawn mower.

Decorative Paint

Mural, patina, optical illusion or family crest: there’s no limit to what an artist can do with a few cans of paint and your vision. Skip the flimsy tiles that will begin to peel after a while. Paint a checkerboard pattern for a classic ’50s feel or use a roller to create a texture or a repeating pattern. If sealed correctly, beautiful floor art can last for decades. One of the best ways to preserve your floor art is with an epoxy coating. Work with a company that allows for complete customization for a floor that is lasting as well as beautiful.


You can add or little or you can add a lot. Any amount of glitter will add sparkle and pizzazz to make a magical home for your prize ride or handy-man paradise. Make your man cave into a cave of wonders or create a magical place to showcase your automotive loves.


Keep a historic feel to your barn-style garage or create a country feel for a cottage vibe. If you’re looking for old school, your existing concrete garage floor can be stamped to look like wood. It won’t suffer the normal wear and tear a real wooden garage floor would fall victim to, and the warm, inviting charm will last for years.


A little paint, a little tape, a little know-how and a talented professional can make your garage floor look like brick. Make it industrial, make it Victorian, make it to compliment a historic home or a brand-new build. Concrete garage floors that look like brick are tough, versatile and perfect for a garage workspace.


Perhaps your garage floor is destined for a second life as a primary residence like this amazing Paris remodel. Consider a low-luster finish to play up the other architectural elements of your remodel. A matte floor feels warm, cozy, and downright homey.

No matter the direction of your garage project, you can make an impact from the floor up. For durability with just the right amount of creativity, epoxy coatings take you from the drawing board to the perfect garage floor. Consider these inspirations and more for a lasting and unforgettable space.

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