5 Must-Have Skills to Snag Work in Sustainability

5 Must-Have Skills to Snag Work in Sustainability

Working in sustainability, given the current ecological crisis, is attractive work. Taking solace in the fact that you’re working proactively to improve the state of the planet and preserve it for future generations is something that not a lot of other career paths deliver. That’s why it’s one of the fastest growing sectors of work and something that’s also growing in importance every passing year.

Still, snagging a job in sustainability can be difficult. With lots of people coming out of formal education each year, all with similar aspirations, the competition is high. But that’s not to say you can’t do it. Work on developing the following four skills and you’ll be well on your way.


In terms of sustainability and working to proactively execute the environmental projects, enthusiasm is an important facet. Demonstrating real passion and commitment to the cause, showing that the issues surrounding the industry impact you deeply, is one of the primary ways to shine out from a large swathe of applicants.

Prove your enthusiasm by reading as much as you can about the industry, attending networking events, perhaps even writing and sharing your thoughts and ideas on the most pressing concerns.

Long-Term Thinking

Thinking ahead, analysing problems with a sharp eye toward finding the solution – this is another critical skill needed in the field of sustainability and one that’s always going to be well rewarded.

Demonstrating initiative, showing that you don’t need to have your hand held when walked through problems or situations and that you can be left to your own devices to come up with an effective plan of action, are all major skills to develop. The more attention you pay to detail too, the better the results of your work are likely to be. Whether you are placed in an office or out in the field working on construction projects, the same ability applies.

Business Savvy

A little business savvy or commercial awareness can go a long way in the field of sustainability. Understanding how markets work, how you develop services or products that meet demand and how to be innovative in the workplace, all these abilities are useful to the ever-changing industry.

If you can put together a smart pitch, work to expand your network so that you can work together with other people to expand your sustainability projects scope, then you’ll be justly valued within any organisation.

Further your skill here by keeping tabs on what’s happening in green and sustainability news, look to discuss and demonstrate your understanding of these issues and, where possible, draw parallels with these and the types of sustainability organisations you’d like to work for.


Dedication and commitment to the cause is what ties all these other skills together. Without the willingness to succeed and bring real change, organisations aren’t likely to give you a second look when confronted with another candidate with demonstrable dedication and passion.

With the new laws and regulations that come with sustainability, it’s important to keep on top of what’s happening in order to show just how determined you are. Train yourself as much as you can, look to always be adding to your formal education in the broader theme of the industry.

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