5 Tips Your Mattress Cleaning Needs to Remove Dust Mites

5 Tips Your Mattress Cleaning Needs to Remove Dust Mites

Mattress cleaning is important to avoid catching allergies caused by dust mites. Knowing the ways how to clean it will benefit the entire household.

Regularly, you wash your mattress pad and sheets, but how about the area underneath?  Dirt may not easily accumulate but the beats taken by your mattress can increase more dust.  After all, eight hours of your life is spent on bed. If your favourite pets find access to your bed, then they’re spending more hours on that bed than you do.

Mattress cleaning will reduce your allergies by eliminating dirt and dust mites.  Cleaning improves your condition and health, and most importantly, it improves your sleep condition.  You can use a steam cleaner for stubborn dirt and baking soda for the minor spots.

Dust Mites

Dust mites are bacteria that thrive in pillows, curtains, rugs and mattresses.  They feed on the dead, flaked-off skin of people.  Dust mites are not dangerous in themselves, but many people have allergic reactions to the waste products of dust mites.  Households have allergen levels sufficient to activate people’s sensitivity that don’t have former allergies.

Is mattress cleaning helpful in removing dust mitesfollow?  Services that include mattress sanitizing can successfully remove all bed bacteria including their allergy-triggering wastes.  While sanitizing terminates dust mites, there is no evidence that the result is far better compared to inexpensive approach.

Here’s how to do the cleaning

1. Know how to begin 

If mattress is not dirty and it only needs refreshing, begin cleaning it without the use of water.   If mattress has no smells or stains, basic and simple cleaning is enough.  Use the small vacuum attachment while the mattress pad and the sheet are for washing.  Then have a sieve for covering the mattress with baking soda.

2. Get tough
If the mattress requires in-depth cleaning, using a steam cleaner is a good alternative to get rid of all dirt and dust mites.  Volumes of tough dirt hide below the cover.  Because your bed is not paralleled on the floor, you can easily clean it using a small-handled steamer.  Optionally, you can rent a unit from the hardware stores or local stores nearby.

3. Work by sections

Cleaning initially by vacuuming is the best idea to do it.  You can remove the fibres and animal furs that may stay on the bed.  Subsequently, work in sections while running the steam cleaner on your mattress.  The procedure highlights the 4-hour drying job.  Allow the mattress to air dry before placing the new sheets and the cover.

4. Use chemical-free cleaning

There are cleaners that rely on deep cleaning by using fluid solution.  There are companies that offer range of cleaning products that are designed for cleaning stubborn stains, bacteria and pet smells.  They are formulated without dyes, phosphates, strong metals, and the effect is two times stronger.

5. Keep your bed clean

After cleaning, look after the mattress by regularly rotating it so it wears evenly.  The good advice is to rotate it at least every three months if you have one that can be flipped over.  And if you think it’s time to replace your mattress, consider buying green mattress that has no flame retardants, polyester, and polyurethane materials.

Cleaning your mattress is a good way to remove dust mites and preserve its use and life span.  Either you or the expert can do the task.  But in case of time constraints and the urgency to clean, professional cleaners can be contacted for the services you need.

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