5 Top-Paying Green Jobs

5 Top-Paying Green Jobs

Believe it or not, some of the “greenest” jobs in today’s market pay six-figure salaries. Check out the many career paths you can pursue to help save the planet while making a little green for yourself.

Natural Sciences Manager

As a natural sciences manager, you act as a kind of jack-of-all-trades on major environmental projects. You’ll oversee the efforts of multiple scientists, such as chemists, environmental scientists, and atmospheric scientists, and make sure all efforts are coordinated for the best results. Get a bachelor’s degree in natural sciences and some experience in the field to work towards becoming a natural sciences manager.

Median salary: $114,770

Materials Scientist


A materials scientist develops new materials or improves existing ones. This type of scientist can manipulate materials in ways that reduce their impact on the environment. These cheaper, safer and/or environmentally friendly materials may be used in a variety of applications, including as electronics, transportation, or energy. Pursue a bachelor’s degree in materials science, chemistry, or engineering and get experience in a laboratory setting if you’d like to work in this field.

Median salary: $88,990

Postsecondary Science Teacher

As a postsecondary science teacher, you’ll get to teach college students all about our planet. Plus, you can instill them with values that could lead them to pursue green jobs in the future. This is an important position which helps to ensure that future generations understand the challenges we face when it comes to protecting the environment. You’ll likely need a Ph.D. in science in order to get a job as a college professor. You can also get a master”s in educational leadership to advance your career and increase your salary.

Median salary: $68,970

Chemical Engineer


Chemical engineers design production processes that minimize the impact of chemicals on the environment. In this job, you’ll find new ways to utilize renewable resources or even develop biodegradable chemicals. Since chemical engineers can potentially work for large corporations, their impact on the planet can be enormous just by making small changes to our current production processes. The best way to get a job in this field is to earn a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from a program that includes practical job experience.

Median salary: $92,930

Environmental Engineer

A career as an environmental engineer puts you on the front lines of the search for environmental solutions. Everything from recycling and waste disposal processes to water and air pollution control methods are developed by these engineering specialists. The field is growing rapidly and many of these engineers are being employed by state and local governments to develop custom solutions to environmental concerns. As with chemical engineering, a bachelor’s degree in the field and practical job experience will improve your job prospects.

Median salary: $80,890

Due to the increased focus on global warming and other environmental concerns, green jobs like the ones listed here are generally in high demand. Make sure you pursue the best degree programs to secure a job in an eco-friendly career path.


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