5 Treasures Lurking in Your Attic

5 Treasures Lurking in Your Attic

After years and years of collecting dust in your attic, there may actually be some treasures up there that you’ve forgotten about or that could be worth a great deal of money. Whether you’re doing your spring cleaning, are cleaning out the house due to a move, or are simply making some more room for storage, you never know what you may come across that’s hiding up in your homes attic. For instance, you may come across an old coin collection or even an old gold bracelet from one of many louisville jewelry stores. From sentimental treasures to small or large knick-knacks that could be worth a pretty penny, cleaning out the attic takes time and patience to make such discoveries rather than throwing everything away. Here are the top 5 treasures to look out for that could be lurking in your attic.

1. Jewelry – While costume jewelry might not have any real significance or value to it, it’s important to stay on the lookout for authentic gold and silver pieces. Even if the jewelry that you find is something that you would never wear, they can be taken to jewelry stores and sold for cold hard cash, as gold and silver prices are currently at an all-time high. In addition, be sure to look for jewelry pieces that feature diamonds and other precious stones that could also be worth a great deal when sold.

2. Old Magazines and Newspapers – At first, you may be wondering why there are old newspaper clippings and magazines stored in the attic, but don’t be so quick to throw them away. Special magazines that feature unique covers or old newspapers with articles dating back hundreds of years ago can have some real value to them. Collectors may be interested in obtaining these hidden treasures from you.

3. Vases – Flower vases that are stored in the attic are commonly worth more than you may think. Take a look at the brand and assess its value before throwing in away or selling at a yard sale. Some antique vases may be worth anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars.

4. Stocks, Bonds and Old Coins – Keep an eye out for old stocks and savings bonds that could be hiding in an envelope or safe in the attic. If they have stopped maturing, they can be brought to the bank and cashed in for their full face value. Old coins that are in good condition can also have some value behind them when sold to collectors.

5. Electronics – Even if older electronics may appear to not be worth anything, there’s usually someone out there looking to pay for parts that it may have. Video game systems, computers, laptops and printers are just a few treasures that could be lurking in your attic.

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