Acacia hardwood flooring

Acacia hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring have an elegance of its own and can totally change the scenario of your interiors. They can add an extra essence to your interior decorations if well collaborated with the furniture and wall paints. Wooden floors are used in large numbers in houses and other structural buildings like offices and hospitals. Hardwood floorings always look better than any ordinary floorings or the mosaic ones. As seen hardwood flooring can be textures and patterned according to the demands of the customers and the best ones in these cases are the engineered wooden floorings.

Wooden floorings comes in many variants. These are the examples:

  • Solid wood floors

  • Sawn wooden floorings

  • Peels and sliced ones like the rotary peels or the sliced peels

  • Engineered wooden floorings

By far engineered wooden floorings are the most accepted floorings all over the world. As these can be customized and made like the ones prescribed by the clients. Also these can be smoothened and laminated. As always a polyurethane coating is provided with the flooring to make it look shiny and glossy.

We here at Gohaus make the World’s finest oak wooden floorings. We have designed and supplied wooden floorings for many famous buildings across the country and are being hired being hired for many more. What makes us different from the other companies are our superior quality wooden planks with fine finishing. We are the largest manufacturer and distributor of oak wooden planks and floorings with our customer support increasing a million every day. The wooden flooring done by us comes with the following additional features:

  • We provide a varied range of installation systems for oak wooden planks floors. These are the tongue and groove system, click and wood lock systems and the floor connection system.

  • We provide customized shapes, cuts and patterns and texture that matches the requirements of the customer. We consult our interior designers to advise what pattern or colour is suitable for an amicable ambience.

  • Our wooden flooring comes with a warranty of a lifetime. Yes you heard it right. Our meticulously maintained and designed wooden flooring comes with a lifetime warranty and are thus just a one-time investment to make your house look extraordinarily good and beautiful.

These perks are offered by none other than the Gohaus Vinyl.

Wooden flooring made out of oaks can also be vinyl coated. These gives it an extra shiny appearance. And also you can completely rely on us about the quality of the product as we provide you with only the best.

You can have a look at all our products variety at our website and then choose accordingly. To help you further, each product in the website can be animated into the floor to give you an idea about the look of it and if it will match with the rest of your stuffs.

Gohaus features the best flooring product all across the country and also overseas. It is a name in itself and can be completely trusted. We promise to give you the house you have always dreamt of.

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