Amazing Ways to Decorate Your Home

Amazing Ways to Decorate Your Home

Decorating your abode need not be an ardours task. For many, they love to redecorate. Interior design is an excellent way to put your personal tastes onto your home. For many, redecorating is the perfect way to change. Out with the old, and in with the new. This adage is something that many live by. This is understandable. The sense of freedom that you get from revamping your home is unrivalled. You get an enormous sense of self-satisfaction and pride. What is more, you get to live in a beautiful house.


Many of us feel the need to change our homes when the seasons change. Of course, decorating four times per year is not entirely sustainable. For those who are eager to start revamping and restyling their homes, you are in the right place.


There are some amazing tips that you can utilise in your home. After all, we all need a little inspiration from time to time.


Furniture Update: Out with the Old


Updating your furniture is interior design 101. It is one of the most neglected aspects of interior design. In fact, a simple furniture change can update your room in an instant. Think about what furniture you would like to replace. What is the oldest piece of furniture? What is the most worn piece? Of course, age should not be a factor if you covet the antique look. But, a simple change of furniture can change the whole perspective of the room.


What is more, changing furniture is functional and practical. While painting and decorating can change a room for the better, a simple change of furniture can transform the look of the room. New furniture is not a whimsical want; it is a necessity. You need to endeavour to update your room in a more practical way.


Think about the style of furniture that you would like. Some people want the wooden, corona pine look. These look perfect in a country, vintage style room. Others covet the acrylic look. This is because it is hardwearing and durable. This style of furniture is perfect for those with young families. What is more, acrylic coffee tables look contemporary and sleek.


Whatever style you go for, you are sure to find furniture that modernises the entire look of your living quarters.


Paint and Wallpaper: What to Choose


The paint versus wallpaper debate has rumbled on for the best part of five years. Some people like to incorporate a mix of the two. This can add texture to a room. A feature wall can break up the space in a large room. For smaller rooms, a feature wall can add a cosy touch to the interior design.


Paint is great if you want a cheap fix to your interior design. Wallpaper, of course, takes a little more than simply daubing the walls. Choosing the perfect paint and paper should be a reflection of your mood. What is more, it should fit in with the style of the room.


Bright wallpaper and paint are ideal for busy kitchens. Citrus tones are complimentary in an active, bustling area. However, if your living room is a space to relax, adding these tones can be too ‘noisy.’


Paint and wallpaper, irrespective of what you choose, should reflect what the room is used for. It is that simple.


Personal Style: How Your Home Should Be a Reflection of You


You can read as many tips and hints as you like, but if you don’t like something, you don’t have to decorate in that style. Your home should be a reflection of your personality.


If you are a calm, serene person then you should endeavour to paint in pastel tones. Blues and greens are the perfect calming colours. You will feel even more blessed out incorporating these shades into your home.


Should you be more of a fun loving person with a zest for life, brilliant red and sherbet lemon tones can add a pop of colour? These tones can look zany if overdone, but they can also show the world that you are a fun person.


For those that crave elegance over colour, neutral tones add a touch of decadence to your home. You don’t have to opt for white or magnolia. There are some beautiful neutral tones that your home can be decorated in. Think grey tones, stone and beige. Light brown can also look chic and sophisticated.


Whatever your style is, there is a colour to suit your personality. Choose your room, and away you go.


Hotly Tipped Interior Design Trends for 2015


There are many looks that are going to be revered during the course of 2015. Some love the attention to detail, while others crave simplicity.


For divine inspiration, let’s take a look at the hotly tipped interior design trends for 2015:


Tribal Affair


Earthy tones, tribal prints and huge silk throws are going to be huge in 2015. This look is especially going to look good in the living room. This look is coveted by interior designers the world over. Going tribal means investing in luxurious materials. Silk throws may not be cheap, but they certainly look the part. Silk should be heavy, to reflect the luxe design. You don’t want to opt for cheaper materials as this will impact on the overall feel of the room.


Bedroom Basics


For bedrooms, we are going back to basics. Your room should be a haven for you to sleep .this has not been the case with interior design in the last five years. For those that are keen to covet the hotly tipped trends, you need to declutter. Decluttering the bedroom and sticking to a basic look is the biggest style trend for the coming year. Primary neutral tones with a pop of one colour are going to be massive. The great thing is, is that you can practice this look at home for a fraction of the cost.


Interior design in 2015 is all about going back to basics. Rooms should be functional and minimal.


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