Build a Beautiful Nursery

Build a Beautiful Nursery

As you near your due date, preparing everything in your home for a new baby will become more and more exciting. From picking out nursery furniture to making sure you have enough nappies stockpiled, getting the baby’s room ready will be the most significant task to complete. Here are some tips on how to keep it both functional and beautiful.

Consider the layout before getting started.

The most important thing to consider when building your nursery is where everything will go. Especially for parents juggling a newborn, bottles and nappies, having a functional nursery is the difference between parenting frustration and family bliss. Make sure to decide how many pieces of furniture you will get and where they will go before purchasing anything. Also, take into account where electrical outlets are located; this will be important especially for lamps and other appliances you’ll need to keep your baby clean, well-fed and happy, seeking out good reliable interior design advice on the layout is essential if you want to create a nursery your children will love and feel safe in.

Use materials that can be washed easily

With a new member of the family, your laundry workload will multiply quickly. Make it fuss-free by getting curtains, table covers and cot linens that can be washed with other items. This will make cleanup an easy, effortless process.

Decorate creatively

Traditional nursery decor like paint and wall appliqués are easy to use, but they don’t leave much room for personalisation. Since this will be a room that your baby grows up in, why not make it more unique with framed cartoon drawings that you can colour or paint as your baby grows? Or get custom-made wood block letters that spell his or her name? The more creative you get, the more likely your nursery decor is to last into toddler-hood.

Focus on cot safety

As the most important piece of furniture you’ll invest in while nesting, your baby’s cot should pass a strenuous safety test. It may be tempting to get one with four fancy posters, but this becomes a hazard for both you and baby, as clothing can get caught on it. Also, focus on the slots between the cot’s bars–anything wider than a can of soda could be dangerous for your little one. Utilising modern bedroom ideas as well as common sense in where the cot is placed within the room is important too.

Make the colour palette soothing.

Even if you opt for custom decor, you’ll probably still want to paint your nursery walls. Just remember to search for soothing shades when you are perusing colour swatches. Bold tones like red, which is often the first colour a baby develops the ability to see, can be upsetting or overwhelming for your infant. Pastels or brights will work better.

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