Building Your Own Garden

Building Your Own Garden

Whether you have a quaint back patio or several acres of land, building a garden is the perfect way to connect with the land while utilizing your available space. Take a moment to close your eyes and picture what you would love to see growing outside of your home. Flowers and vegetables are two of the most common types of plants, but you may prefer prickly cactuses or exotic bonsai trees. Regardless of your vision, you’ll need to go through several stages of execution to build your dream garden.

The Location: Take a look at your yard and determine where the garden’s location makes the most sense. If you own your home, you have a lot more freedom. If you rent, you may need to stick with pots and planters. Consider how large you envision the garden, whether you want it to be visible from the street and how close you’d prefer its location to your kitchen if you’re planting edibles. Lastly, choose a garden location that receives plenty of sunlight.

The Concept: Although you could technically toss together a random assortment of plants and call it a garden, most prefer a more unified concept. You may want to create a peaceful garden for sitting and meditating, a beautiful flower garden that adds to your home’s curb appeal or a vegetable and herb garden that provides enough ingredients for your family’s next meal. Discuss your ideas with your family members and give them a chance to provide adequate input. Arrive at your concept together. Then choose the specific plants you want to include in your garden.

The Tools: You’ll need a small collection of gardening tools and supplies to start and maintain your garden. If you are planting only a couple of pots, you can water with a standard watering can. Otherwise, you’ll want to invest in a hose that’s long enough to reach your garden plot. Get a large shovel for digging out garden beds and a small trowel for weeding and digging holes for seedlings. It’s also very helpful to have a hoe for turning soil prior to planting. This technique will provide the roots with enough loose soil necessary to grow.

The Materials: As you set up your garden at the beginning of the growing season, you’ll need a few types of materials on hand. When you’re building raised garden beds or other types of wood planters, you’ll need wood and woodworking tools to craft your containers. You also may want to construct trellises or cages for those flimsy plants needing support. Wood separators, plastic fences or cement pavers can section off parts of your garden. A little gardening organization can go a long way. And of course you’ll need fertilizer, soil enhancers, mulch and seeds for a strong foundation.

Gardening requires an investment of time and money but it can really pay off. You’ll get to enjoy a beautiful yard, and if you grow edibles, save on grocery bills. Get the whole family involved in the project and spend some quality time together out in the sun!

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