Custom Wood doors

Custom Wood doors

Dayoris is exceptionally crafted to match the vision of every client who appreciates door designs that serve a decorative purpose. They are built to fit an infinite number of creative possibilities for bespoke creations to be featured in luxury homes and designer penthouse apartments. Our in house team of skilled designers master utilizing innovative concepts, ideas, and premium door materials and quality finishes in building custom made doors for dynamic interiors. Dayoris clients are after distinctive luxury doors that are entrance ways of interior living spaces.

Wood, as a quality material, contributes significantly to an atmosphere of unparalleled warmth and elegance, which is why wood continues to be a highly favored material for architectural doors. Custom wood doors offer another advantage; wood interior door styles can match any door type. Dayoris can build premium wood doors in any desired style, our clients can choose from an amazing array of architectural custom wood door styles that include sliding doors, pocket doors, closet doors, bi-fold closet doors, sliding closet doors, contemporary wood doors, Italian barn doors, frameless doors and flush doors.

We build doors to fit any size and style that are complemented with any accessories that meet our clients’ preferences. All of the modern and traditional doors styles built by Dayoris meet exceptionally high quality standards. Premium quality wood materials are highly suitable for modern interior door designs. The range of finish options available can complement a dramatic look or a lighter finish giving off a more joyous spacious feel.

Oak represents the elegant iconic look of hardwood doors; this favored wood species features attractive grains in vertical or swirling patterns that make it quite suitable for interior spaces. Another highly recognizable wood material for door construction is mahogany, the use of mahogany, with its rich tones, promote a desired traditional appeal. Cherry wood shows off a darker color, favorable for a sleek finish.

Solid wood doors are better suited for entranceways to bedrooms and dining rooms. Hollow core doors feature a molded composite shell and make for ideal custom closet doors choices. Dayoris door designs can be crafted in a varied range of wood grains, textures, colors schemes and finishes and veneers that offer an enduring appeal. We go to great measure to meet detailed requirements that are demanded by custom made doors for clients who expect qualitative results. Our designers have insider’s knowledge of current trends and latest products and materials to build sleek streamlined doors for individual interior spaces.

Dayoris quality doors boast sophisticated appeal with elegant lines and outstanding construction. European interior doors do more than just serve as an instrument to dividing spaces. They add allure and exquisite elegance that brighten up spaces. Getting a high end wood interior door built is simple, trust in Dayoris, our brilliant team of talented design reps at Dayoris are ready to help, from answering your questions to designing doors that offer the distinct one of a kind uniqueness a luxury home deserves.

Solid wood is a term most commonly used to distinguish between ordinary lumber and engineered wood, but it also refers to structures that do not have hollows spaces. Engineered wood products are manufactured by binding together wood strands, fibers, or veneers with adhesives to form a composite material. Engineered wood includes plywood, oriented strand board and fiberboard. The fact that a product is made from solid wood is often touted in advertisements. Using solid wood has advantages and disadvantages.

The greatest advantage of solid wood is that the wood is the same all the way through, so repairs are relatively easy. Repairs to veneer are much more difficult and sometimes impossible. Solid wood furniture is strong enough to easily satisfy all furniture applications, and it can last for centuries. Society is still questioning whether furniture made of plywood often made from pine can do the same. Plywood and other engineered wood products used to make furniture are typically covered with a veneer such as Cherry.

It is common today for furniture manufacturers and retailers to advertise such veneered plywood furniture as made of wood solids with cherry veneers. Most customers believe that to mean solid planks of less expensive woods, with expensive woods such as cherry used for veneers. Wood solids is a term of art, in the USA, the federal Trade Commission doesn’t allow furniture to be advertised as made of solid wood unless all exposed surfaces are in fact solid wood. Solid wood is expensive, engineered wood often advertised as a wood solid is not.

One of the most frequently made hollow wood structures is hollow core doors. Hollow core doors are much lighter than solid wood doors, cheaper and are easier to install. However, sound travels more freely through them, which can be a problem if the house is noisy or the occupants desire a lot of privacy. Also, hollow core doors should not be used as doors to the outside because they can more easily be broken open by robbers. Solid wood doors are slightly more fire resistant because the fire has to burn through more material; however, using a steel door will increase fire resistance by a much larger margin.

Consumer reports magazine also reported in its test results that door frames often split with little force applied and lower quality deadbolts simply failed when forced was applied to the door. The Chula Vista Residential Burglary reduction project which studied over 1,000 incidents found that methods found to have relatively low effectiveness including sliding glass door braces, such as wooden dowels, as opposed to sliding door channel or pin locks, dead bolts installed in the front door only and outdoor lights on dusk to dawn timers.

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