Do You Want Your Fitted Wardrobe Done Right? Here’s a Look at Top Ideas for Fitted Wardrobes

Do You Want Your Fitted Wardrobe Done Right? Here’s a Look at Top Ideas for Fitted Wardrobes

Many homes don’t have enough storage space, making them look cluttered and disorganised. We tend to acquire a lot of things, from clothing to knick-knacks to sports equipment, and it can be a big problem when it comes to storage for sure. But if you would like to maximise the space you have in your home and find a way to store all your belongings in an organised and efficient manner, fitted wardrobes are just what you need. Fitted wardrobes are entirely customised according to your space, and you can choose the style, finish, material, and more. But do you want your fitted wardrobe done right? Here’s a look at top ideas for fitted wardrobes to keep in mind.

The floor-to-ceiling solution

Design specialists will tell you that in general, most fitted wardrobes are from floor to ceiling. But when your property is older, and its ceilings are quite high and have picture rails and coving, you can opt for fitted wardrobes that are lower, so they don’t end up covering the architectural elements of the room.

The depth

The depth of your fitted wardrobes matter, as confirmed by fitted wardrobe experts like The minimum depth of the interior portion of the wardrobe is around 550 millimetres, and this is often the standard. But the depth can also be according to your actual needs, so if you need something with more depth, you can specify this to your fitted wardrobe expert so they can accommodate your requirements.

The paint and finish

Since installing fitted wardrobes in your home is an investment, you want it done in the best possible way. That being said, think about the finish and paint carefully. You may want to go for a neutral finish, for example, because you can easily change the finish later on and paint over it if you want to change your room’s theme. If you decide to paint your fitted wardrobe later on, make sure you use a special primer like Zinsser so it can easily adhere to the surface, whether it’s laminated wood, pine, or hardwood.

When it comes to choosing the finish or paint, go for the same or similar shade to your room’s walls, or a colour that contrasts.

Consider a ‘beauty alcove’ within your wardrobe

You may want to consider having a ‘beauty alcove’ within your fitted wardrobe, too. It’s the ideal solution for small items like makeup and accessories and toiletries for pampering yourself. All these items can be safely and discreetly hidden in your wardrobe with the use of drawers, and you can even have a mirror installed so you can check yourself while you dry your hair or apply makeup. To make it even more unique and special, you can opt for glass-fronted drawers, which allow you to easily see what’s inside each drawer as well.

Think about mirrors for a small space

If your bedroom is quite small and you want to give it the illusion of space, you can choose to have fitted wardrobes with mirrored doors, which can readily reflect natural light. This makes your room look brighter and more spacious, and it’s an excellent way to check your outfit for the day as well.

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