Don’t Order Expensive Replacement Cushions, Read This Tip!

Don’t Order Expensive Replacement Cushions, Read This Tip!

When your sofa cushions begin to wear out, they may look flat, misshapen, and saggy. This can happen to even the highest-end couches. Over time, the original filling breaks down and you are left with cushions that are lumpy and offer no support.

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At this point you might think you need to replace your couch, which could cost thousands of dollars. But what if your couch is still in great condition (besides those sad, worn out cushions)? According to The Foam Factory, you don’t need to go through the trouble of finding a brand new couch to match your space and decor.

You could order replacement cushions from the original manufacturer, or from a local furniture maker, but they are also expensive and you cannot guarantee the quality of the work.

Before you order expensive replacement cushions, consider ordering a new cushion foam insert. Just measure the dimensions of your cushions, and your new foam inserts will be delivered directly to your home. This foam is incredibly durable and dense, which will improve the life of your couch cushions and offer more support while you relax.

When your new foam arrives, all you will need to do is remove the old worn out cushion insert and stuff the new cushion foam into the cover. For much less hassle and money than a new couch, or completely new cushions, you get the comfort and support of a couch that feels like new.

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