Eco Friendly Pest Control Is the Best Choice for Homes With Children and Pets

Eco Friendly Pest Control Is the Best Choice for Homes With Children and Pets

When it comes to using pest control, it is vitally important for one to consider eco friendly pest control solutions first. Many chemical treatments contain ingredients that can cause cancer, respiratory problems, and other kinds of serious health issues. While many chemical solutions can keep your home free of invaders, they can also affect your health and happiness in the long run.


Pest Proofing


One of the most effective ways to prevent infestations is to pest proof your home. By using barriers, one can reduce the need for treatments. Many animals, such as mice, raccoons, ants, termites, and roaches gain entry into the home through little cracks and openings. While it is possible for one to seal all of those access points, it can be a very time consuming job. It is far more effective for one to take preventative actions such as using sand and other dehumidifying agents to reduce the amount of moisture that is surrounding their property. The goal is to make your home and its perimeter an uninhabitable place for nonhuman strangers.




Even if you have inspected every inch of your home, it is possible for you to miss the signs of an infestation or invasion. Many homeowners are not aware of a pest problem until they see an insect or an animal scrambling to hide. Rather than to wait for this situation to happen to you, hire a professional pest control company to inspect your property.


In some cases, it may be necessary to use regular pest control treatments. As much as you may want an immediate solution, pest control is an ongoing process. Many harmful side effects of non-organic and chemical solutions do not show up right away. In fact, many people are not aware that some of their health problems come from being exposed to toxic chemicals in their home. While their doctors are treating them, they are coming in constant contact with those harmful substances inside of their homes.


Children and Pets Considerations


Natural pest control solutions such as orange oil are great for homes where kids and pets live. Pets and children are more sensitive to the effects of chemical pest control products than adults are. The organs and nervous system of babies and young children are still developing, and they are not able to metabolize substances out of their bodies as quickly as adults can. Children and pets are shorter than adults are. They are much closer to areas where pest control has been sprayed or placed, and tend to put their hands in their mouths, which increases their risk of exposure.


Children and pets are inquisitive by nature and sometimes it can be hard to discourage them from touching and playing with things that are harmful to their health. Some pest control chemicals cause nasty reactions right away, others manifest after a certain amount of time has passed. By the time you realize that the chemicals you were using to keep the pests away are also hurting your child or pet, their health may already be compromised.


Examine all of your options before choosing any particular company to handle your pest control concerns. Find out what ingredients are in the solutions that are going to be used in your home. Remember, your choice of pest control treatments also affects your health.

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