Eco Friendly Shindigs

Eco Friendly Shindigs

It is a bumper summer for sports. We are blessed to have the World Cup, Wimbledon, The Open and the Commonwealth Games to sink our teeth into.

With so much sport going on, it seems only natural that you will be entertaining friends and family at some point.

So if you are planning on having a World Cup party or just some drinks whilst watching Andy Murray defend his Wimbledon championship, here’s how in an eco-friendly way.


Think Local

The shorter the distance between supplier and consumer is always a good thing. The shorter the distance the quicker it is to transport the goods, meaning less fuel will be burned in transit and we all know that is a good thing.

So if you were planning on putting on a spread visit the local farm shop for supplies not the supermarket. Would you rather raspberries that have travelled from field to shop in 10 minutes or raspberries that travel from field to supermarket in three hours? It is a no-brainer really.

Thinking local doesn’t just have to be reserved for food. Britain is currently undergoing a real ale resurgence with numerous micro-breweries springing up all over the place. For example, Stonehouse Breweries, Shropshire, sell their product by the bottle and deliver. Again this reduces the miles the product has travelled and as it is a craft brew, it is of superior quality to what you could find in the supermarket.

Yes it costs a little bit more to shop locally, but, in the grand scheme of things, what is an extra tenner in relation to saving the world?


Eco-Friendly Party Wear

Paper plates are all very well and good but once they are emptied they are destined for the bin, and usually the wrong bin at that.

Places like Little Cherry supply numerous eco-friendly party supplies. One of which, the palm leaf plate, eradicates the problematic paper plate situation. These wooden plates are not only aesthetically pleasing but extremely durable, meaning they will be able to handle themselves if dropped outside, something that the bourgeois china plate cannot do.

Other neat things include biodegradable cutlery, brown paper napkins and compostable cups and straws.

Just small things like this go a long way in looking after the planet, while palm leaf plates also offer pretty good value for money. They are practically unbreakable. Your great-grandkids could eat of these quite happily further down the line.


Recycle as you go

Get your boxes out ready before any party kicks off. Lay down the ground-rules to all guests when they arrive. Bottles in this bin, scraps in the compost in the corner, so on and so forth.  Being like this is benign to the environment, which is a must.



Instead of spending money on decorations use what is available to you in your garden. The ample advantage of doing this is that it costs you nothing. The knock-on effects are that it is more beneficial to the environment and that flowers look a lot better than any paper banner.


Throwing an eco-friendly party for the first time is not exactly the easiest of things but the same can be said for any first time experience. After your first time you will be a seasoned pro.

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