Essential Furniture For Your Home Office

Essential Furniture For Your Home Office

Many people working from home do so in inadequate surroundings. A well-equipped home office can make you more productive.

The Right Desk
The type of desk you need will depend on the work you do. If your work is mainly computer based with very little paperwork, you will probably be able to get away with a small desk. For those who require a lot of paper and documents whilst they work, a larger desk is a necessity. Desks with built-in storage, such as drawers or cupboards, are a good option for offices where space is limited. Files can be neatly hidden away but are within easy reach when required. If you want your home office to be a modern workspace, glass-topped desks are a great way to brighten up your surroundings. Many glass-topped desks allow you to slide pictures, prints and photographs underneath the glass, creating an eye-catching and personalised display.

Storage Furniture
The type and amount of storage you require will depend on the work you do and how much paper filing you use. If you require a large amount of storage, going for fitted storage units might be an option. Most people working from home won’t need huge amounts of storage so free-standing filing cabinets or bookshelves should be adequate. If you are going for executive office furniture for your desk and chair, you will want your complementary storage furniture. There is no point splashing out on a luxury desk and chair only to fill the rest of your office with cheap, flat-pack shelving. Having said that, open shelves can be a great storage solution in a home office. More economical than buying cabinets, open shelves with decorative items scattered among work items can add a personal touch to your office. Attractive storage boxes can be used to keep papers and documents tidy and hidden from view on the shelves.

The Ideal Chair
Chairs are definitely not one-size-fits-all and it is important to find the perfect one for your needs. Although most office chairs are adjustable, you will still find you have preferences for some types of chairs over others. Some people prefer their office chair to have armrests, but others find these just get in the way. Likewise, many people prefer swivel chairs, whereas others might find them less sturdy and more uncomfortable than static chairs.

Creature Comforts
It is easy to forget the little touches which make an office comfortable. If you are used to using a footrest in the workplace, be sure to buy one for your home office. Footrests can encourage good posture and help prevent backaches. Similarly, if you are used to a monitor riser to bring your computer screen to your ideal level, don’t forget to add one of these to your home office set-up. Then there are the little things like keyboard wrist-mats, mousepads with built-in wrist support and desk fans. All these things can create a more comfortable working environment and keep your productivity levels high.

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