Fantastic Uses For The Roof Of Your DIY Carport

Fantastic Uses For The Roof Of Your DIY Carport

Land is at a premium these days, and the spaces between new homes on housing estates are starting to shrink. That is the impression that I get. It is vital that we use the space we have available wisely, so that we can enjoy the things that those will bigger homes than us do.


Did you know that a carport is useful for many things, and not only for parking you car? You will find forums dedicated to carports online; such are their popularity. I am going to take a look at some fantastic uses for your DIY carport today, and I think you will like them.


The Construction

Firstly, do you intend to install Patio Living carports or to build your own from raw materials? The kits are ideal if you need to erect an attractive structure to suit the quality of your home. Some of the ideas here will need to carry a lot of weight, so make a sturdy frame if you design it yourself.


Go Green

Maybe the slopes on the roof of your house face east and west. That is not ideal for the installation of solar panels. The carport will give you an expanse upon which you could install an array that will help you slash your electricity bills. Have you noticed that the panels are popping up on houses everywhere these days? That is because they are highly efficient and can generate a lot of power. The sun doesn’t have to be at full strength either; just a bright day will do.


Living Roof

You might decide to give nature a hand and put a living roof on top of your carport. The birds and insects will thank you for it, and it looks great on satellite images. Nobody would know that you conceal your pride and joy below what appears to be just another stretch of garden. Some people turn to growing food on the roof such is their popularity. Root vegetables are not ideal though, so stick to plants that grow on the surface of the ground. It is easy to build, just frame the sides of the roof to create a box and lay a pond liner in it. Fill it with compost and plant it up; what could be easier? Unless you can water it regularly, think about using plants such as alpines which can cope with dry conditions. Plant the densely, so that there is less room for weeds.



Build a patio on the roof. It will give you a view of the neighbour’s gardens too. The structure will need to be strong so that you can put some decking up there and a balustrade for safety, but you can create a sophisticated space for entertaining. It is a bit quirky too, which is why I like the idea.


Well, I hope you can see that there is a lot you can do with a carport. Send me a photo when it is complete so that you can inspire others; we are always on the lookout for new ideas. For now, I wish you success with your project.



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