Finding out about Eco-friendly ways to secure your home

Finding out about Eco-friendly ways to secure your home

Not many of us would think about eco-friendliness while installing a home security system. However, we should be aware of the fact that technology does enable us to reduce the total amount of energy used to power the security systems at our homes. Here’s more about ways in which you can create an energy-efficient but secured home.

Lighting: How can you use it efficiently?

Instead of using floodlights continuously to keep intruders at bay, make sure you’re actually using motion detectors. While the indiscriminate use of floodlights will not even leave a dark spot for the mischief maker to hide, it’s not really energy efficient. Motion-detected lighting, on the other hand, functions only when it detects motion. It is powerful enough to send the intruder running. In fact, if used properly, motion detectors will only sense real threats and not something insignificant like a cat moving on your yard. What more? They can be solar-powered as well. So, why invest in floodlights?

You should be equally sagacious with the use of indoor lighting as well. Instead of keeping most of the lights on (in order to make your home appear occupied), you can use multiple light timers on different on/off cycles in order to conserve energy. Opt for LED lights instead of the incandescent ones since the former are known to use 80% less energy. They are costlier but make up for the upfront costs by delivering long lasting performance.

The superior monitoring systems enable you to monitor your home with the help of video surveillance. Plus, you would be able to control the lights in your home with the help of personal computer or smartphone. You can track a variety of systems in this manner including HVAC. You can turn on your lights a few minutes before stepping inside your home instead keep it on the entire day.

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Opt for recycled materials

Please be informed that there are security systems that are made of recycled materials. The leading companies offering security systems are sagacious enough to come up with reused materials- parts of outdated systems like minerals, precious metals and electronic components. The use of recycled components guarantees reduced landfill waste.

The traditional ways

Don’t leave out the traditional security measures wholly. Work with your neighbors to adopt common security measures such as keeping an eye on each others’ homes whenever required. For instance, you may request your neighbor to be a little cautious and immediately report suspicious activities at your house when you’re away and render similar services when your neighbor is away. You can also request your neighbors to allow you to park your car in their driveway while you are out. This particular security measures might not as well involve the use of energy, but are effective.

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