Fossil Fuel Generators or Green Energy?

Fossil Fuel Generators or Green Energy?

You will probably have heard terms such as ‘green’, ‘renewable’ or ‘sustainable’ energy. Basically, this means that the energy is natural and doesn’t pollute the environment. Production of this type of energy comes from nature, such as the ground, air, water or the sun. By using these types of energy sources, pollution should be reduced.

Renewable Sources

There are a number of clear favorites when it comes to renewable technology. These are:

  • Solar energy, from the sun
  • Hydroenergy, from water
  • Ground or air sources, delivering heat
  • Wind energy

Today’s World

We live in a world where we seem to have an addiction to using fossil fuels. To a degree, this is because we don’t know any better or simply do not have the opportunity to change. While we know solar panels can help us reduce our energy costs and bring down pollution, solar panels are also very expensive. Not just that, if something goes wrong, it would leave someone without energy at all.

Imagine, for a minute, that you own a wind turbine and that this is sufficient to help you power your home. Now imagine that the turbine breaks, or the transformer unit that converts it into energy. The reason why this has happened is because of a large natural emergency, such as an earthquake or tornado. What would you do in that situation?

It is specifically for those types of situations that people continue to invest in generators. To this day, generators all operate on some sort of fossil fuel, with diesel and natural gas being two of the most popular options. If you are all for going green, then these types of generators would be out of the question. However, if you have a choice between not being green and not having any power during a national emergency, you may want to consider leaving the green agenda behind for a little while.

Specifically for these types of people, who want to use fossil fuels as little as possible, generator rentals exist. For more information on generator rentals, please visit These rental options are there for those who don’t want to have backup power around the clock. Perhaps they are confident in the functioning of their renewable technology, or perhaps they are confident that their existing power grid will continue to function. If they have a reason to believe they will struggle for power at a specific date, they can choose to rent a generator instead.

Generators are also frequently used by businesses that have to operate somewhere that is off the grid. Construction sites are prime examples of this, where there is often no opportunity to access any other type of electricity. For them, being able to rent a generator is vital to the success of their operations.

Are generators green? Absolutely not. However, they play an important role in our society. While most of us will agree that going green is vital to the survival of our planet, there is sometimes simply no other choice.

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