Freshen up your home with new wallpaper

Freshen up your home with new wallpaper

With spring on the way many homeowners will be starting to think about DIY projects and sprucing up their home in time for the warmer weather. Some will be tackling large projects such as a loft conversion or kitchen renovation, but others will be looking for a quick and simple way to breathe new life into their rooms that do not cost a lot of money, cause a lot of disruption or take a lot of time to complete.

If this sounds like you, then new wallpaper could be just the thing you need. Just like a fresh coat of paint, some new wallpaper can completely transform a room.

Start by thinking about what kind of look you want to create. If you like your current scheme but just want a change of colour then opt for a simple wallpaper that will still coordinate with your furniture and furnishings. Pick out a key colour from your sofa or wall art and find a wallpaper that matches.

If you want to do something a bit more different then seek out a feature wallpaper for a single wall. In a living room the wall behind the fireplace or the two alcove walls are the usual choice for a feature wall. Large, bold prints are still popular. Florals and geometric patterns are a good choice, but try to keep the colour palette limited to avoid giving yourself a headache every time you look at it!

To go for something drastically different think abstract. Animal prints such as zebra or leopard will give your room a really daring and contemporary look. Or try a large-scale map or city sky line, or even a forest scene, for something out of the ordinary.

Even a simple wallpaper can take on a new dimension if you hang it slightly differently. Buy one roll in the same print but a slightly different colour way and hang just one strip of this, or alternate between the two.

Whatever wallpaper you opt for it must be hung correctly if it is to look good. Make sure the remnants of old paper are completely removed and that you start with a smooth surface. You may need to re-plaster if the wall is badly cracked or has lumps and ridges. This will make the job a bit longer but ensures a better finish.

Be sure to use the recommended glue paste and cover each strip adequately. A pasting table is a must-have to ensure you get even coverage and can lay each strip out flat. You must then be sure that you are hanging them straight. If you have a picture wallpaper be sure to mark the centre of the wall first and work outwards. Match the pattern at the edge of each piece very carefully – any that are slightly out of line will annoy you for years to come!

Wallpapers come in every style, pattern and colour you can think of these days so you are bound to have a lot of fun choosing one for each room and transforming your home this spring.

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