Fridge-Freezer Or Separate Fridge And Freezer – Which To Choose?

Fridge-Freezer Or Separate Fridge And Freezer – Which To Choose?

When you are buying a new fridge or freezer it can sometimes be tricky to know whether to buy a fridge and a freezer or a combined fridge freezer. They are pros and cons to both decisions. It is worth thinking hard before you buy as you may need to design your kitchen around what you choose and so you will be suck with your decision for a long time.


If you decide to get a fridge-freezer and one part of it breaks down, whether that is the fridge or the freezer, then you will need to buy a new one. This means that you will waste one perfectly good appliance and it may mean that you are replacing the appliance more often than you would if you had separates. Buying a good brand should help you to have more confidence that the appliance will last longer though.

Storage Space

Although fridge freezers do come in different sizes, you may find that you are limited in the amount of storage that you get with them. You may prefer to have a larger fridge or freezer or possibly both. Some people like a huge chest freezer and some a large fridge. You need to consider how much you tend to put in the fridge and freezer and whether you have the space for these things. You need to have enough room to store all of the food that you need to keep in the fridge and freezer.

Room Space

Having lots of space to put your food is very useful. However, you need space to put the appliances that you want to put the food in. You need to consider whether you have the space or whether it would be better used for other things. In a kitchen, you may need storage places for all of your other food, cooking utensils, crockery and cooking pans and if you have big items like a Dutch oven then you will need lots of storage space.


The cost will differ between having a set of appliances or just one. It will all depend on the brand and size as to how much they cost. You will have to decide what your budget can take and which of the types you can afford. You will find that some companies only make certain types of appliances, though some may make a selection. You will have to decide which brands you can afford, if brand is important to you.

There are a lot of factors to consider when deciding to have a combined appliance or not. You need to consider what space you have to accommodate them and whether you will have enough room to store your frozen and refrigerated goods. You need to also consider the cost and the reliability. If you are very unsure as to which to choose still and you have lots of space for whichever option you wish to choose then it can be wise to read reviews of them all so that you can decide which will give you the best value for money.

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