Going Green: Is Now the Right Time to Move to the Countryside?

Going Green: Is Now the Right Time to Move to the Countryside?

Living in the countryside can be expensive. But, cities are also expensive, dirty and congested places too. More and more people are considering a big move to the country as the lifestyle is hugely healthier. What is more, the gentler pace of life is a huge appeal for many who are eager to ditch the rat race and live healthier, greener lives.


Many want to live a sustainable lifestyle and are keen to be healthier in the process. With this in mind, moving to the country could be just what the doctor ordered.


There are many benefits to moving to the countryside. Let’s take a look.


A Greener Way of Life


In the countryside, there is a greener attitude to life. Recycling and matters of the environment are more important to those that live in the country. The reason is seemingly apparent. If you live in a beautiful, unspoilt paradise that is lush, fertile and green, you want to preserve this way of life. Seeing the benefits of living in the English countryside means that you are likely to adopt green attitudes. Recycling, waste management and other aspects of green living becomes a priority.


For those that see the benefits of unspoilt beauty every day, they are keen to ensure that this does not change. What is more, people in the countryside are more likely to grow their own fruit and vegetables. This is great for the environment as fewer people are importing fresh goods. But, people are healthier too as the food is not chemically treated. It’s a win-win situation. According to recent statistics, those that live in the city are less likely to adopt green living standards. After all, if you are surrounded by dirt and grime every day you are not aware of a nicer standard of living. So, if you are keen to keep green, a move to the country could be on the cards.


Cheaper Cost of Living


The cost of city living is steadily rising. New homes on the market in Urmston are more costly than those in rural areas. Many people can obtain a three bedroom property in a rural English countryside for 20% less than a property in the city.


If you are savvy with your cash, you can have more houses for your money. A typical London studio apartment can cost in excess of £800 per month, should you choose to rent. In rural areas, a three bedroom semi detached property can be £500 per month. So, not only are you saving money, you are getting a lot more house for your cash. What is more, you are reaping the benefits of sustainable country living too.


The Health Benefits


As everyone knows, everything is cleaner when you live in a rural environment. The air is less polluted; there is less rubbish on the pavements. Due to the nature of the country, more people who live there have a healthier attitude to life. They want to be out, roaming in the fields and indulging in long walks. While the thought of not having a booming city life can be off-putting for many, the country has many health benefits. People exercise more. They are less susceptible to mental illnesses. They are fit, active and healthier all round. The health benefits of living in the countryside far outweigh the negatives.



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