Green Homes, Green Cars, and Green Habits

Green Homes, Green Cars, and Green Habits

We all know you’re obsessed with the color green. It’s the perfect combination of two fantastic colors: blue and yellow. You don’t have to paint your entire body green and walk around with stilts, just so you can be a giant, to celebrate the color green. Green homes, green cars, and green habits are other ways you can show off your favorite color.

It’s not just a color, but a mentality. Reducing your carbon footprint is the wave of the future, and the best way to ride it is by choosing to go green. Here are a few ways, other than riding with Uber from the Uber driver’s perspective, you can decrease the amount of carbon you produce and celebrate the best color on the spectrum.

Stop using disposables

You may have thought you found the perfect loophole for not doing the dishes. Turns out you’re just destroying the environment. Using disposable towels, utensils, plates, bowls, and cups pile up and they won’t break down, because they’re plastic.

Turn off lights and water when you’re not using them

We know your house can get scary with the lights turned off, but it helps conserve energy. Same with those 30-minute hot showers you take or leaving the sink on while you brush your teeth. If you’re afraid of the dark, get a roommate or a candle.

Eat less meat

The meat industry is a contributor to carbon emissions. Eating less meat will have a direct impact on the demand for meat in stores. Lower demand will help decrease the amount of emissions that are produced by cow farms. You can celebrate the color green by literally eating more green things.

Drive less, bike more

Cars produce carbon emissions, but bicycles don’t. Biking or using public transportation is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. We aren’t trying to get less people on the road so there’s less traffic on our commute to work. Definitely not that.

Drive a hybrid or electric car

When you can’t ride a bike, drive a hybrid or an electric car. They have the best mileage range for the fuel you use. You’ll get double green points if you decide to carpool. If you’ve taken an online traffic school program, you can show off your fancy defensive driving skills to your friends.

Harvest the power of the sun

Another simple green strategy is harvesting the power of the sun. But, if you’re not Sun Boy, Sentry, Sunspot, or Captain Planet, you can settle for installing solar panels on your house. Unfortunately, you can’t use solar panels to fight crime.

Bring your own bag

Grocery stores may ask you, “paper or plastic?” You can finally fulfill your green prophecy by smugly replying with “neither.” If you bring your own bag to the grocery store, you can get away with just about anything, because you’re helping save the planet.

Install a giant wind turbine on your property

Let your family, friends, and neighbors know how much you love green by installing an obnoxiously large wind turbine on your house. Wind energy is popular in flat lands and valleys, but you can make them popular in your neighborhood. Just don’t worry about the birds that fly into them.

Recycle everything

Recycling can help you go green quick. Everything can be recycled. You can turn your old coffee cups into a shoe, an old chair into a chic table, and a bunch of old papers into a computer! We’re pretty sure that’s how recycling works.

Celebrating green will not only help you out, but it also helps the community you live in and the world.

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