Green Jobs: Where Are They?

Green Jobs: Where Are They?

There has certainly been a lot of media coverage on the growing array of “green jobs.” That is a pretty broad term– encompassing renewable energy, green building, bio-fuels, energy-efficiency technologies and much more. All of these sectors have been affected by the larger global economic challenges we are facing, but there’s little doubt that in the long run these industries will offer many new employment opportunities.

So, where can you find these green jobs?

Fortunately there is a ton of resources available online.  It seems like a new green jobs board crops up almost every day!  Here is our review of the leading sources:

  • Green Dream Jobs is one of the best job boards out there. They have a good cross-section of low to high level jobs spanning many industries. They’ve been at it since 1996 so they know what they’re doing!
  • EcoEmploy is another good resources.  They tend to have more technical job listings, as well as some non-profit positions.
  • Treehugger has a strong job board. You’ll find traditional as well as some “zany” listings– like “deli staff and cyclist” or “adventure planner.”  Fun!
  • also has a job list with solid geographic reach.
  • VentureLoop is a site I find most people don’t know about–which is too bad. This is a site that features jobs from companies that are backed by major venture capital outlets.  There are technical, sales, marketing and management positions in the mix. Not all of the jobs are green jobs, but there are many exciting, high-growth green companies included on the job board. You just need to do a bit of reading about the companies.
  • SustainLane recently launched a green job board and we’ve seen some good listings there. They are still growing and adding more cities.
  • SolarJobs can be good if you’re specifically interested in that industry.
  • is great if you want to find environmental non-profit jobs.

If you know of other good resources, please share them in the comments section.

Also, if you happen to be in the Los Angeles area, there is a great event coming up called Green Jobs, Healthy Communities: Building a Green-Collar Economy. They event is being hosted by the California Endowment on June 9 at 6PM. Learn more about the event here.

Happy Hunting!!

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