Helping You Choose the Right Kind of Blinds

Helping You Choose the Right Kind of Blinds

The blinds you choose will significantly impact the way your room looks and feels. Plus, each type of blind has specific types of quality. For instance, there are durable and waterproof blinds, which are perfect for the kitchen or bathroom. Others are made of a more delicate material, which go really well in formal rooms but aren’t as durable. Clearly, choosing the right type of blind should be based on a number of different factors, including the room in which they will go, your personal style and likes or dislikes and, obviously, your budget as well. So, let’s take a little look at some of the types of blinds that are out there and what their advantages are. This will, hopefully, help to prepare you to choose the right one.

Types of Blinds

New products to decorate the home are constantly developed, and the same is true for window blinds. However, there are, broadly speaking, five types of blinds:

  • Roman
  • Venetian
  • Roller
  • Plantation
  • Blackout

Each of these specific types has certain qualities that will determine whether or not they are right for your home. Let’s investigate a little closer.

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds go really well in a formal room. They are sophisticated and stylish. They also offer excellent light control and privacy. However, they aren’t suitable for kitchens or bathrooms. Usually, they are made from a soft fabric, which is quite delicate in nature.

Venetian Blinds

These are generally the most popular blinds around. They are low maintenance, easy to install and come in lots of designs, styles, materials and colors. Generally, they made from plastic or wooden horizontal slats. They also have suspended cords, which enable you to lift or rotate the slats.

Roller Blinds

These are made from a very stiff fabric and come with a fixed tube at the top over which the fabric can roll. This allows you to have control over the light. These types of blinds are easy to operate, durable and affordable.

Plantation Shutters

These are made with very wide slats and they are really stylish to look at, as well. They give a classic appearance and are very low maintenance. Additionally, they give extra security and privacy and can block out the light. Usually, they are made of a very strong and durable wood and they come in all sorts of styles and colors. However, they are generally a bit more expensive.

Blackout Blinds

These blinds are perfect if you want to increase privacy and block light out for an affordable price. Generally speaking, these blinds are made in the same way as roller blinds, but they have a special, thicker fabric that stops any light from coming through.

How to Choose Your Blinds

At the end of the day, only you can decide what is important for you in terms of style, function and cost. Knowing what is out there will hopefully help you to make the right decision. Do also speak to your blinds provider for further advice.

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