How To Build Your Own Sunken Swimming Pool And Be The Envy Of Your Friends

How To Build Your Own Sunken Swimming Pool And Be The Envy Of Your Friends

The swimming pool is the last word in luxury. Many countries have hot, long summers, and the population makes the most of it in an outdoor pool. They are probably the most desirable feature of gardens and everyone and have a lot of fun in them. Children are naturally attracted to water, and in a garden pool they can play safely, with supervision of course.


If you are thinking about owning your own garden pool, don’t wait. Your garden will be the talk of the neighbourhood when it is complete, and your kids will find that they have more friends than they were aware of previously. Yes, the pool is a very exciting addition to any garden. Here is how to build your own pool and be the envy of your friends. It is a huge DIY job to undertake, and you will need help from people with building skills, so start buttering your friends up now.


Mark It Out

Using a rope and pegs, mark the shape of the pool on the ground. Remember to add at least thirty centimeters to allow for the thickness of the pool walls.



There is no point in killing yourself with a spade to dig a hole. Hire a contractor for the day to bring in his digger and do the job for you. It makes sense to use the experts rather than hire a digger yourself because mishaps do happen to people who do not know how to operate them properly; it isn’t worth the risk.


The Base

Firstly, put down a waterproof membrane and have your friends on standby to help you when the lorry load of concrete that you need arrives. Pour the concrete straight into the hole to a depth of about thirty centimeters and level it off. It is hard work, and you will be exhausted at the end of the day.


The Walls

Build the walls of the pool from concrete blocks. If you use bricks, the wall must be double thickness and will take a very long time to construct. By the time you reach ground level, you will get an idea of how the finished pool will look..

Apply a twenty millimetre waterproof render to the walls and floor. Do a good job and make it as smooth as possible.

Tile the pool and use capping stones on the walls for a fantastic finish.



You must not make people ill through cold and dirty water when they are swimming, so use one of the great value swimming pool heat pumps available online. They solve a multitude of issues that you may encounter. They are very efficient because they take the heat from the air instead of generating it. Keeping the water in your pool warm any other way is likely to be a very costly undertaking.


I agree, this does appear to be rather a simplistic view of the project, but all of the basic principles are there. Adapt them and add to them for your own beautiful swimming pool, and you can’t go wrong. If you have decided after reading this that it is too much to take on, have your pool built by experts. There is no shame in admitting defeat. I hope you found this useful, and you will very soon be relaxing in your own bespoke pool.

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