How To Design The Ideal Family Home

How To Design The Ideal Family Home

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could sketch your ideal home and it suddenly appeared out of nowhere? Most of us dream about the day when we have enough money to build a house to our own requirements. For some, it becomes a reality. If you ever get the chance to do it, you must ponder the features that you would like to include in the property. If you are anything like me, your requirements will change every time you think about it. That is why you must take at least a few months to come up with the ideal solution for you and your family.


Here are some things for you to consider if you find yourself in that enviable position.


Where To Build?

The estate agents will tell you that the location is the most important part of home buying. Look at areas where you would like to live most. If you are lucky, there will be some country land lots close to the town or city of your choice. There will be other lots for sale, so you will take part in building a community as well as a house.


Carbon Footprint

When you design your home, make it as eco-friendly as you can. That sounds like a scary subject, but it is very simple. Here are a few ideas that you might use.


  • Add much more loft insulation than the minimum amount that the building regulations state. In order to save money on your heating and cooling bills, you need an effective thermal barrier up there. It is where most of the heat will escape from your home if you don’t address the issue.
  • Make the walls extra thick for better insulation. The builders will insulate the cavities as the house goes up, but you can add more insulation to the interior or exterior walls.
  • Install triple glazed windows. Double glazed units are adequate, but the more layers of glass there are, the more efficient they will be at preventing heat loss.
  • Fit some solar panels on the roof. You can save money by generating your own electricity.
  • Use the most efficient boiler and appliances. You will be surprised at the difference they will make to the fuel consumption.



Think about the features most families would like in their home. Maybe you could include some of these suggestions.


  • A basement will make a fantastic hobby or games room. If the house has a large footprint, you could make several rooms down there. The possibilities are endless.
  • Most people would like a separate laundry room so that all the mess is out of sight.
  • Walk in wardrobes are a desirable feature. Imagine if there was a place to store all your clothes neatly; bliss.
  • An en-suite for every room will solve the morning rush and the fight for the bathroom.
  • Install a swimming pool in the yard. Ask any child what they would like most in the garden, and they will say a pool.


I envy your situation. One day I might be able to practice what I preach. For now, I must idle my days away making plans of my own. I must wait for technology to move on before I can include some of the features that the scientists are yet to invent. I am keeping those to myself; you will have to think of your own. good luck with your project; I am sure it will be a success.


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