How to Design the Perfect Nursery for Your Newborn

How to Design the Perfect Nursery for Your Newborn

A baby’s arrival is a great time for the mom and dad. But it also comes with its share of responsibilities. If you are awaiting the arrival of your son or daughter, you need to take care of a number of things. One of the most important things you need to focus on is the decor of the child’s nursery.

Here are a few things to think about before you plan your son/daughter’s nursery decor.

Is a neutral or a colourful nursery ideal? A soft pastel colour palette is always best for the room of a newborn. It creates a soothing atmosphere for your little one. Opt for hues like pale pinks, light creams, muted beiges and such others for the nursery.

You need not stick to conventions – a vibrant pink room may not be to the taste of every little girl! It is best to colour your kid’s room in a subtle shade. You can always add punches of colours to add the right dose of drama. For example, dollops of orange and yellow may look great with a simple colour scheme with varied shades of grey.

Which crib is right for your kid? The comfort and safety of the crib are of utmost importance. A crib with an adjustable mattress height can be ideal as your little one starts to sit or stand up. Make sure you get a good crib mattress along with the piece.

The design and style of the crib are important; however, even more important is the safety standard. The distance between the slats, the height of the posts and the stability of the piece affect the safety of your child. You can also opt for a piece that can be later transformed into a bench or a toddler bed.

Where do you rock the child to sleep? A comfortable rocking chair is one essential that you cannot miss in the nursery. This would be the ideal place for you to feed your little one and rock him/her to sleep.

You can choose a traditional wooden rocking chair for a Victorian nursery. However, it would not look good if you have a modern kid’s space. An Eames rocker, a perfect modern furniturefollow piece, can be the ideal match for such a room. The curvaceous lines and the simplistic design make this a perfect blend of form and function.

What kind of storage works in the space? You need a changing table for your little one. You also need a place to store his/her necessities. How about fitting a changing pad on to a dresser instead? This idea could work well in the nursery.

And the best part – you can get rid of the changing pad once your baby grows a little older and use it as a dresser. Open shelves to display books, photos and other mementos are also appropriate for the nursery. Another great storage idea for a kid’s space is to include a number of bins. They do not need much organisation either.

Does a parent need a place to curl up? Taking care of a little one can be a tiring task; it is best to include a sofa or a daybed, if you have the space, in the nursery. This would give you a place to catch a few winks when your child is asleep.

It is also a good idea to include a daybed in the furniture arrangement in the nursery. This would help transform the space into a temporary guest room if a family or friend decides to stay overnight. A trundle bed also works well for such a space. A little care when you make the selection can help you create the best place for your newborn.

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