How to Live Sustainably in Portland

How to Live Sustainably in Portland

The city of Portland, Oregon is lush and green. It personifies the true essence of sustainability in more ways than one. You may have lived in the most happening cities in the world but what you find here is tough to replicate elsewhere. Therefore, it is no small wonder that those waiting to move into an apartment in Portland are keen to understand this city’s culture of sustainability before taking the plunge. If you are going the same way then it would help to know about the sustainable agriculture, green transportation and public policy of Portland to understand its eco-friendly merits.

Portland – Stark Example of Sustainable Living

  1.       Commute sustainably

Once you move into an apartment of your choice, you will find it easy to travel for work or pleasure, at all times, in this city. There’s a wide range of transportation options available to choose from. You may want to speak to apartment guides to understand the complex network of streetcars, light rail and buses that can take you around the city and its suburbs. You will find it convenient to move from one place to another. There are a number of buses, readily accessible bus stops, prominently displayed information, automated voices, GPS-enabled tracking and stringent schedules to help your transits. Be it the young or old, sustainable travel is a boon for everyone in Portland.

  1.       Shop at local farmers’ market

The farmers market is a sound example of sustainable living in Portland. After you move into an apartment, you will find it easy to procure the freshest farm produce at these markets. Along with supporting the local farmers, you will also find it heartening to visit the markets flush with fruits, vegetables and other utilities. You may want to seek directions to the farmers market closest to you by consulting the official website of the City of Portland.

  1.       Recycling rules

Every city has its own recycling rules and Portland is no different. There are several green recycling initiatives in Portland that you need to know beforehand. Recycle only the right things, in the right way, by understanding the recycling guide published by the municipal authorities.

  1.       Sustainability climate in schools

The educational institutions in Portland have adopted a strong and in-depth approach to sustainability and literacy. The efforts are a result of the collaboration of students, parents, teachers, and community activists. Along with offering the best professional development opportunities, the curriculum based on sustainability and climate programming forms a robust base for future leaders.

  1.       Herbivore’s paradise

There is no better place to find yourself in if you are vegan or planning to turn vegan. Cutting back on non-vegetarian items and meat-based meals is easy in Portland as it supports plant power. Here, there is no dearth of veggie bars, bakeries and eateries that serve to be a foodie’s delight; and for the right kind of sustainable food options.

Buy an Apartment in Portland

Given the options, you would certainly want to get yourself a dream home in Portland. The task becomes simpler if you are guided well in terms of the location, sustainable living criteria, budget-friendliness, access to utilities, building features and so forth. Experts in the field of real estate can help you get the best returns on your investments. Reach out to them to get your new address in Portland, today.

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