How to Use Moroccan Decor Around the Home

How to Use Moroccan Decor Around the Home

Moroccan is a beautiful country known for its amazing nightlife, cuisine and most importantly, its iconic interior design. With timeless styles that the rest of the world has been inspired by, Moroccan decor offers beautiful patterns, fine materials and the richest colours. If you’ve recently visited Marrakesh or just love the style, here’s how you can use Moroccan decor all around the home:

Moroccan Accessories

One thing to know about Moroccan decor is that it’s full of unique designs and bold colours. With that in mind, the easiest (and cheapest) way to add Moroccan decor to the home is to buy some bohemian cushions and throws. This is a great way to add a hint of worldliness to the bed or sofa, ideally, you should look for natural weaves, and organic colours and patterns to help the accessories pop.

Woven baskets, brass, gold and silver details and plenty of plants make for great accessories for the room too. The key to the theme is to have plenty of eye-catching statement pieces for the room to really stand out.

Moroccan Rugs

This is likely to be one of the more costly features of Moroccan decor but it’s perfect for tieing the room together. Most would argue that Moroccan rugs are the staple for any room inspired by the beautiful country. Diamond patterns and a bright pallet of colours tend to be the most popular choices. Traditionally reds, oranges and yellows are used in the rugs but you’ll also find them with a natural group of colours too.

A bonus tip if you do like the rug element of the Moroccan theme, traditionally, rugs are layered with smaller rugs laid on the top of them. Try having a large rug the covers the most of a living room and put a rug on top of the under a table or sofa. The key is to have mismatched patterns to show the intention behind the style.

Statement Furniture

You don’t have to go out and buy a new furniture or a designer sofa to incorporate the Moroccan theme into the room. A pouffe, for example, is an affordable piece of furniture for the living room that will match up well with a sofa and the accessories mentioned above. For hundreds of years, pouffe’s have been part of traditional Moroccan furniture, find them in natural browns and leathers with detail embroidery for an authentic finish.


Morocco isn’t just about the beauty of its look, you’ll find that most decors from the country have a fine, interesting texture to add. Pillows, blankets, rugs and even wall hangings have embossed patterns on them which makes you want to feel them just as much and them looking nice in the room. If you enjoy white bedding, Moroccan linens offer the simplicity of white, but detailed patterns barely visible but you can certainly feel them.

Frame the Room

Also known as adding a little backsplash, adding some traditional wall art or changing one of the walls of the room into a show-stopping design will really highlight the theme. A simple black and white backdrop with a traditional Moroccan design can work in almost any kitchen. Consider doing this with tiles and wallpaper or a large picture if you’re looking to test the water before a bigger step.


Moroccan lighting is perfect for those who like dim ambient lighting for the living room or bedroom. Traditionally, the lighting effect is created by filling the room with a variety of different light sources. Metal lamp shades with pinpoints letting light out, lanterns and small lamps help fill the room with a variety of lights rather than having the main central light on all the time. Candles can also help the effect, especially when used with the lanterns.

Make it Your Own!

One of the best things about the Moroccan theme is that it lacks rules. The key to it is to add touches of your personality, go overboard with decoration and detail. Bookcases filled with ornaments, trinkets and maybe a few books or a luxury coffee table with traditional cups on it… if there’s space. Add plants, cushions, and other comforts to fill the room with life and make it a living space rather than something just nice to look at!




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