Ideas For The Perfect Garden Workshop

Ideas For The Perfect Garden Workshop

Many middle-aged men decide the time is right for them to build a workshop of their own.  Perhaps it is because they have outgrown the bars and night clubs and are simply looking for something to do in their spare time. Maybe they intend to use it to make things to sell and earn a little extra cash. Whatever the reason, there has never been a better time to build and equip workshops thanks to the low cost of tools these days.


If you want to set up one of your own, here is how to go about it.


The Base

Your workshop will need a base, and nothing does the job better than concrete. Laying the foundation for your building is not complicated but you need to put your back into it. Follow these steps.


  • Mark the area of the base with string and pegs.
  • Dig the soil out to a depth of thirty centimetres.
  • Put fifteen centimetres of sand and hardcore in the hole and compact it with a rammer or a vibrating compactor until it is solid.
  • Cover with a waterproof membrane.
  • Use a cement mixer to make concrete consisting of one part cement, two parts sand, and two parts gravel.
  • Pour the concrete in the hole and level it off.


The Shed

The shed is just a glorified box. The sides slope at the top  to allow rainwater to run off the roof. Make the parts individually and assemble them when they are ready


  • Use rough sawn timber to create a framework. You do not need planed softwood. Most timbers come from sustainable sources these days. You can find out more from the supplier.
  • Clad the frames with shiplap timber. You can use a cheaper alternative such as feather edge cladding, but the quality is inferior.
  • Assemble the building and cover the roof in waterproof felt.
  • Fit the door and window. You can make them yourself or buy new softwood units cheaply.


The Tools

The choice of tools will depend on what your hobby is going to be. Most workshops are for woodwork. We will take a look at some tools you will need to equip a joinery. Bench tools are very cheap these days, and they are the best choice for a workshop. Think about some of these items.


  • Band Saw
  • Circular Chop Saw
  • Table Saw
  • Bench Sander
  • Pillar Drill
  • Router Table
  • Wood Lathe


You will need lighting and power for the equipment. That is a job for a qualified electrician, but you can bury a cable down to the shed for them.


Your workshop will give you much pleasure over the years until you find that the rest of the family ask if they can store things in there. Slowly but surely  you will loose your shed unless you stand firm and be vigilant against such an attack. I hope you feel the urge to build your own work room after reading this. It will be the best thing you ever do.


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