Keeping a Green Conservatory Ahead Of Summer Heat

Keeping a Green Conservatory Ahead Of Summer Heat

There’s no doubt that conservatories were built for summer but in some climates, the effects can just get too much. If you are one of the lucky few who happen to reside in a sizzling hot region, there’s every chance that summer brings a whole host of problems for your conservatory as put simply, it just turns into an oven.

The construction of these rooms is of course to attract maximum sunlight. The goal is to provide a pleasant place to sit. Unfortunately, for most households, conservatories can only be used around a small portion of the year. While we are going to concentrate mainly on summer through this piece, it’s worth mentioning that in winter they can also become inhabitable due to the freezing cold temperatures they can drop to.

In the hot climates, a lot of householders will turn to air conditioning units. These are seemingly perfect; they still allow sunlight to sift through the glazing, but provide a cool and comfortable environment for everyone to sit in. The downside is that they are just the definition of un-green (if there ever was a turn). They are expensive to run and if you are in the business of turning your home eco-friendly, they just aren’t the systems for you.

This creates something of a conundrum although if you think strategically, you can combat soaring conservatory temperatures relatively easily. Fortunately, blinds companies have caught onto the problem that so many households have and created products which are able to prevent all of the issues that sunlight can cause.

Firstly, we’re going to concentrate on the solar shade. The game is in the name on this occasion, with solar shades being able to prevent the powerful and hot rays from steering their way into the conservatory. At the same time, they do allow some natural light to filter through, and this creates a best-of-both-worlds situation.

That’s one way to deal with conservatory heat, although there is another. Even though insulated shades may have hit the market with the premise of insulating a home against the cold, they can work in the opposite fashion. They can lock out heat in the same way that they guard against the cold, and the effects can be tremendous. You might have to forgo some natural light during the day, but some homeowners won’t mind in the slightest if it lowers their conservatory temperature by such considerable amounts.

The beauty about both of these solutions is that they can be placed on the roof as well, meaning that all sides of the conservatory are completely locked. As you can now see, the days of the conservatory only being usable for a couple months of the year appear to be on their way out. This type of addition to a home can now actually present occupiers with a room all-year round – and this was something that just wasn’t possible unless you wanted to rely on expensive and eco-unfriendly air conditioning systems in the past.


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