Luxury Bedroom Design on a Shoestring Budget

Luxury Bedroom Design on a Shoestring Budget

The bedroom is the place in the home where we go to relax, recuperate, and reenergise. If it’s a mess or shabby looking, this can actually affect the quality of the time we’re spending in there. Luxury bedrooms not only look gorgeous, they make us feel great while spending time there too. We haven’t all go the budget for a luxury makeover, but you can make your bedroom look luxury on a shoestring budget.


Deep Shades


Deep shades of colour help to add the feeling of ‘drama’ to a room. The deeper the colour, the more drama you give. Shades of brown, purple, red, and taupe are perfect for creating this feeling. Pots of paint aren’t that expensive, even eco-friendly ones. You might not even need to make any more changes after you’ve painted!


Mix and Match Luxury and Budget


If you’re going budget with some of the things in your room, you can maybe afford to spend a bit more on other things. For instance, you might like to mix luxury bed linen with cheaper pillows. Click here for more info. Mixing textures on the bed is also a huge help too, so make sure your pillows and throws have plenty of that. The more layers, colours, and textures you create on the bed, the more luxury it looks. It’s also a good idea to ensure that your mattress is high quality, as you’ll be sleeping on it for years to come. If you can’t afford a high end one, invest in a mattress topper. It could change the way you sleep!




The great thing about popping some bamboo in a vase is that it won’t cost you much from your florist, and it’ll continue to grow in water. It’s cheaper than buying fresh flowers each week, and you’ll add a luxury Asian/organic feel to your room. You can get great looking vases from budget home decor stores, but don’t be afraid to spray paint an old one yourself to give it a whole new look.


Mixing Metals


Metals can give a room a high end feel, and the great news is you can mix them to your heart’s content. Just be sure they look earthy and aren’t too shiny, as this can cheapen the overall effect of the room.




Take the time to de-clutter. You’ll never  see a luxury room with bits scattered all over the surfaces, and random items dropped here and there. Make a pile of things you need, things you don’t want, and things you could give away or sell. Be vigilant; it’s so easy to be a hoarder if you’ve had something for a long time. Just ask yourself, ‘do I really need this item? Will I miss it when it’s gone?’. Be honest!


Create an Ambiance


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