Make Spring Come Faster with Four Tips to Prepare Your Home for Warmer Weather

Make Spring Come Faster with Four Tips to Prepare Your Home for Warmer Weather

A new season comes with new responsibilities, and that means investing time in repairing and rejuvenating your home before the warm weather officially settles in. Although this might sound like a drag, prepare to be surprised at how excited you’ll be about finishing those much-needed postponed cleaning projects. For a few spring cleaning and preparing tasks to get you started, check out the following essential to-do list for homeowners.

1. Install a New Thermostat

Don’t want a repeat of last year’s cooling bill? That doesn’t mean you have to strap ice packs to your body and hope for the best. With an updated thermostat, you can maximize your home’s energy efficiency without compromising comfort. Temperature controls are also effective devices that can be used to customize comfort in your home with maximum precision, while taking the weather outdoors into consideration.

2. Stock Up

Replace your hot cocoa with popsicles and trade out your humidifier for a portable air filtration device to have everything ready for warm and pollen-filled spring days. Early spring is when warm weather staples start to go on sale, so take advantage of money-saving opportunities by stocking up now. Take the whole family on a shopping trip for some breezy footwear and the latest spring fashion trends to replace the hole in your closet after packing up those heavy winter coats.

3. Inspect Lawn Maintenance Tools

Now is the time to finally start planning for your lawn and garden. This might seem overly ambitious when your front yard is still piled with snow, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still prepare before you can actually see the lawn. First, create a plan on paper and decide which plants you’d like to add to your garden. Next, conduct a thorough inspection of your lawn maintenance tools to make any necessary repairs or replacements ahead of time. Test out the lawn mower and make sure it’s still running well and the blade is sharp. Clean your trimmers and make sure the cord is completely intact with no damage. Sharpen your shovels, hoes, spades and any other tools that might benefit from an inspection.

4. Enhance Your First Impression

One of the first things your visitors will see before entering your home is the driveway and walkway. These paths can definitely take a beating after the harsh winter season, so you should show them a little TLC once the snow melts. Patch up any cracks that have formed in the walkway and replace loose bricks. Rent a power washer to blast away deep-seated stains in asphalt, concrete or stone. While you’re polishing up your first impression, give your door a fresh paint job and invest in a new welcome mat for an inviting look.

Spring is a season of new beginnings, so why not refresh your perspective by refreshing your environment? These home improvement tasks can make your home look and feel like spring, which will make these last few snowy days a bit more bearable.

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