Nature Nitpicking – 6 Ways to Revamp Your Backyard For the Spring

Nature Nitpicking – 6 Ways to Revamp Your Backyard For the Spring

As the cold of winter begins to recede and the days inch towards spring, you might find yourself thinking of pleasant evenings spent outdoors in the splendour of your backyard.

There are few better ways to enjoy the longer daylight hours than by staring at the afternoon sky. If your backyard needs a bit of work to get it ‘ready-for-its-close-up’ as the star attraction, you might be in need of some handy hints.

Here are six ways you can revamp your backyard for spring (though you can employ some of these for good measure all year-round).

Lighten Up

Adding smart, energy efficient lighting to your backyard will ensure it stays inviting and well-lit well into the night. Lighting your backyard with garden lights gives you the ability to spend longer outdoors, and keeps your social evenings going well past twilight.

Whether your space screams for solar lamps or fairy lights, there are a huge array of lighting options now available for your green garden. An added benefit is that many of these solutions are cost-effective, as well as environmentally friendly and energy efficient, saving you money and helping to save the planet in the process.

Scrap It!

Another cheap and earth friendly way to prepare your backyard for the spring is to start making your own compost mix. There’s a plethora of available resources and starter kits available online and through garden suppliers, with handy videos and pictorial guides helping to explain the process.

Compost mixtures help to enrich the soil in your backyard (or in any planter boxes or pot-plants) with nutrients and moisture. Compost is made up of organic waste which has been allowed to partially decompose and ferment, creating a rich, organic nutrient source.

It may also encourage your household to look at how waste is generated and used – an important conversation to start at any time.

Garden Duty

While the idea of weeding, mowing or line-trimming may not sound like a barrel of laughs, you can make it much more interesting than a day of sweating it out.

Prepare a musical playlist, invite over some friends or family members (or enlist members of your household) and make the entire experience a fun event. By creating an atmosphere of social lightness, you may even encourage your co-conspirators to do the same in their gardens, where you can return the favour.

Make A Planter Box

Planter boxes are a great place to grow vegetables while maintaining the integrity of any manicured garden or courtyard. They also offer an elevated, slightly protected from the elements environment for your produce to flourish in.

There are a multitude of tutorials or guides available while demonstrate the supplies, hardware and knowledge necessary to make your own planter boxes. Some local councils even run workshops on making and maintaining planter boxes, so make sure to check with your local council website to see if any information or support is available.

For those with less of a DIY ethic (or without the resources, the ability or time), larger nurseries and garden supply stores also sell ready-made planter boxes.

All The Colours

Another benefit of springtime in the garden is the flourish of colour which comes with the first blooms.

It’s easy to add colours to your backyard through planned companion planting.

By planting multitasking blooms such as marigolds, nasturtiums and lavender in amongst any edible crops, you are protecting from a whole host of pesky pests, as well as providing organic pest control and a welcomed dash of colour and fragrance for your backyard.

Bee Neighbourly

Ever-helpful, bees like warmer weather and are attracted by the colours and smells of springtime blooms. Help them and enrich your garden’s bounty by planting bee-attracting plants and flowers. These blooms will differ depending on your local area, but the aforementioned lavender and borage are universally loved by bees, as are clover and honeysuckle.

The bees will bee grateful (sorry), and will return the favour by helping to pollinate any nearby plants.

Enjoying your backyard in the springtime is made even better once you’ve done a little ground-work and gotten some basic work done. By making your garden well-lit, well-planted and well-groomed, you’ll be only too happy to while away the hours.

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