NatureMill Makes Indoor Composting Easy

NatureMill Makes Indoor Composting Easy

The NatureMill Indoor composter is the ideal gadget for any ecowarrior without a yard or garden. The composter allows you to recycle your waste food easily and quickly. You can compost up to 120 lbs (55kg) of waste per month using the indoor composter!

The composter mixes and heats the waste, as well as adding moisture to encourage the breakdown of food matter. Once the food waste has broken down, you can then retrieve the compost from the bottom container of the composter.

The heat kills nasty bacteria and destroys the majority of smells. If you do smell anything from the composter, the worst you’d smell would be damp straw or mushrooms. The carbon filter inside the composter helps with the odors and only needs replacing every 5 years. Although the composter is always switched on, it only uses 5kWh a month, which costs very little in real money. Just pence really.

If you live in an flat (or apartment as they’re called in the US), then the NatureMill Indoor composter is a perfect way to reduce your landfill waste even if you don’t have a garden. The composter is small enough to fit in a kitchen cupboard, or could be stored in your garage if you have one. You can use the newly created soil to top-up your indoor plants with some natural fertilizer.

And here’s the best bit about the composter. Due to the way the waste is mixed and aerated, the decomposing material releases no methane into the atmosphere. This means you can do your bit to help reduce greenhouse gasses too!

This guest article about the NatureMill indoor composter was written by Dan Harrison. Dan has a passion for all kinds of eco-friendly gadgets. Dan also runs where you can read a new eco tip every day!

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