Pesticide Free Pest Control

Pesticide Free Pest Control

More and more people are becoming conscious of big food growers using harmful chemicals to spray the foods people buy at the supermarket. This is very disturbing to many, but the same person might turn a blind eye to the hundreds of chemicals and pesticides that are routinely used in homes across the nation. Many of these substances are actually more dangerous than the industrial strength chemicals used on farms because they are so close to where people live. This is not to say that it is acceptable to live in an infested home but there are other control options. Check out eco friendly termite treatment by planet orange, bed bud treatment, or cockroach pest removal before going for the knee-jerk chemical solutions.


Prevention Instead of Removal


The best way to keep critters at bay, away from your home, and out of your food is to prevent problems from occurring in the first place. This is often easier said than done, but there are some simple tips and trick to keep in mind when making your home pest-free:


  • Clean flat surfaces regularly and with home-safe cleaning products like vinegar and orange oil
  • Keep food sealed tight and on shelving
  • Try to have a covered trash can, or at least make sure to empty it before it gets full


Treatment strategies


If you find that your home is harbor to potentially harmful critters, consider your next step carefully.


  • Rodents: Although it seems a bit gruesome, snap traps are absolutely the best and most humane way to remove rodents from your home. Poisons are very deadly to other pets and even children who may come in contact with them
  • Termites: Left unchecked, termites can cause hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages to your home, but it is not always a good idea to fumigate your entire house. Instead determine how extensive the termite problem is and treat that one area, often the porch, or use a boric acid, or orange oil based treatment system. Hiring professionals is still recommended for the best care.
  • Ants and cockroaches: Cockroaches and ants are creepy and hazardous to a healthy home life, so killing them is a must, but not with poisonous chemicals. Try using a mixture of soapy water for ants and making your own cockroach traps. If you can find where the cockroach nest is, inject boric acid which causes their hard exoskeletons to deteriorate.
  • Moths: Avoid using mothballs to save your sweaters, and instead try freezing sweaters, or chilling them in a fridge. The cold temperature kills moth eggs and larva.
  • Weeds: There are all sorts of natural weed remedies out there including corn meal for crabgrass, mulch and plastic sheets for gardens, and soap for other plant living pests.


Living in a pest-free home is absolutely essential to a happy family, but keeping harmful chemicals out of kitchens, bathrooms, and yards is best for the planet.

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