Poor Insulation May Be the Reason why Your Energy Bills Are so High

Poor Insulation May Be the Reason why Your Energy Bills Are so High

Have you ever noticed that your air conditioner shuts off in very quick, short successions? This is commonly known as short cycling and is actually quite common. It is also very bad for your air conditioner, because it means that the compressor is overworked. If that continues for a long time, the compressor will eventually break down. Most homeowners ignore this problem as long as possible because of the fact that it is very expensive to replace it. In fact, many people would rather replace the entire air conditioning unit, which can indeed be cheaper, particularly when buying a second hand model. Short cycling is not only terrible for your unit, however, it is also terrible for your energy bills. It requires sudden massive bursts of energy, which will send your bills soaring. If you know what the possible causes for short cycling are, you will be able to avoid it, thereby also avoiding your machine breaking and your bills going up.

Technical Issues

Various technical issues can be at the heart of the problem. You could be low on refrigerant, have a direct air filter or condenser coils and so on. These can be fixed by asking a HVAC professional to check it out.

Thermostat Location

It is also possible that your thermostat is broken, or that it is simply in the wrong place. If the temperature registered in your home is above that of the set temperature, the air conditioning unit will be switched on in order to cool the home down. If, however, your thermostat was next to a window, for instance, it may turn the AC on because it is warm outside.

Poor Insulation

It is believed that around 80% of homes in this country do not have the proper type of insulation. Attic insulation could lower your energy bills by as much as 20%. You need to find out what the current R value of your property is. This will tell you how well whatever insulation system you have at present is able to maintain a certain temperature. You will probably have to call in a professional to calculate this for you. Ideally, in a warmer climate, your R value should be around 38. In colder climates, it should be around 49.

If your R value is not where it should be, further insulation may be required. You may need spray foam insulation in Glendale AZ in order to improve this situation. Other types of insulation include rolls, batts, blow-in loose fill, radiant barriers, reflective or rigid insulation and so on. Every household is different, so considerations on which type of insulation is best depends on a variety of different factors. Again, a professional will be able to assist you with this.

Make sure your unit does not short cycle. Have service and maintenance completed on your entire HVAC system regularly and make sure that all the supporting infrastructure is also checked on. That way, you and your energy bills will stay comfortable.

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