Save Money on Patio Furniture Cushions

Save Money on Patio Furniture Cushions

The making of patio furniture can be an interesting project for a weekend. If you make homemade furniture, it can bring a personalized touch into the décor of your patio. It is not very difficult to construct basic furniture if you have the basic tools. You don’t have the need to be a professional carpenter in order to create patio furniture. A little knowledge of furniture making is exactly what you need to have for constructing patio furniture.

There are various styles for making outdoor patio furniture. However the Adirondack style is most common. It is unique due to its specific style of curved backrest, wide armrests and an overall reclined look. Make use of pine or cedar as the material for your patio furniture. Pine is a good option if you want to paint the furniture. Nevertheless pine is prone to breakage in comparison with redwood or cedar. You have to determine the total numbers of chairs and tables you need before starting the furniture work.


You will be able to relax in the summer at your outdoor space by sitting in your patio furniture. It’s better to have cushions for your furniture so that you can sit comfortably and spend your leisure hours. However purchasing the entire set of patio cushions together with patio umbrellas is often very costly. As a result you have to find something which is affordable. Opt for a pillow set that will not disturb your overall budget. There are several ways to purchase pillows for wicker or wrought iron furniture at cheap rates.

Let’s have a look at the tips for saving money on patio furniture cushions:

Purchase cushions at the end of summer

Try to purchase pillow for your patio furniture at the end of summer. This will provide you the best way of buying cushions at discounted rates. Most retailers put up huge discounts during the summer months in order to get rid of the inventory. However this may be a bit challenging as you have to store the pillows for the entire winter and use them for the next summer months.

Look for discounts at online stores

Online stores offer you a good option as most of these stores don’t have any cost related to the regular brick and mortar stores. Always ensure the fact that you check the discounted prices available in the online stores for cushions.

Opt for garage sales

Check out the garage sales to purchase cushions at comparatively cheap rates. Make use of your creativity to buy cushions from garage sales and put them together in a style that looks beautiful for your patio furniture.

Avoid buying designer cushions

Never try to buy designer cushions as they are always marketed at a higher price range. Pick up the regular pillows and if you want to make them look different, purchase embellishments like special edge runners or laces. If you want you can sew the laces easily to the edges of the cushion. In this way you will be able to have different patio cushions at regular prices.

Give a new look to old cushions

It is not always a necessity to change patio pillows. At times your patio furniture without covers may look good and is also very comfortable. Check out whether your old pillow can be offered a new look with good cleaning or by replacing the buttons or repairing the torn edges. If it’s a zipper cushion try to add a new stuffing inside. You can hide small rips and tears and create new patterns for your old cushions. Moreover you can design a quick slip-on cover for mending patio pillows.

Store cushions safely

As soon as the summer season is over, try to put your patio cushions inside and store them safety in plastic bags or cushion storage box. This will help to offer longevity to the pillows. If required, try to use a durable patio cushion storagefollow box for enhancing the durability of your pillow. Remember that proper maintenance of the pillow helps to save your precious money on buying new cushions. If you take proper care and keep the pillows at safe storage boxes, they can last for several years.

Check out these tips and save money on patio furniture cushions.

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