Saving Energy and Money: How to Maintain Air Compressors

Saving Energy and Money: How to Maintain Air Compressors

Air compressors are used by most companies in any industry. Those who deal with factory machines need air compressors. Those who build homes need air compressors. Even those who run a corporate office will need a compressed air system.

Though compressed air systems are very essential, they are expensive to maintain. Fortunately, the energy used by compressors varies depending on its usage, which means there are several ways to cut down the energy used by these machines. When saving energy, businesses are also able to save money. In order to be able to do both, they need to learn how to maintain the machines properly.

First, they have to take a look at the factors that directly involve the energy consumption of the machine. There are three factors that play a role in energy usage:

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Components in the intake air:

The first factor that can affect energy usage would be the components found in the intake air. If the intake air is clean, then it can move freely through the compressed air system. However, if the intake air has some dirt components, then it needs to be filtered first. This filtering process uses up a lot of energy.

Temperature of the air:

The temperature of the intake air also affects how much energy the compressor uses. Hot air needs a lot more energy from the compressor as compared to cool air. If your air compressor always takes in hot air, then your machine will double in energy usage.

Moisture found in the air compressor:

When there is moisture found in the parts of the compressor, rust will settle there. When it does, the parts will have a harder time moving and the compressor as a whole will consume more energy trying to move these rusty parts. This is why it’s important that your air compressor mostly takes in dry air.

Now that we know some factors affecting energy usage in air compressors, let’s take a look at some tips that can help:

  • Use a number of small air compressors instead of a big one. Contrary to what most people think, using one big compressor for your system is not energy efficient. Just use a few small ones so you can save energy. If you want to save even more energy, turn some of them off when they are not in use. You can find a lot of cheap small air compressors online. Visit Budget Air Compressors to check them out.

  • Make the delivery lines of your system straight. This will lessen the pressure of the intake air. Lessening the pressure means not having to use up too much energy for its movement.

  • Put the compressor in a cooler area. Since warm air uses up more energy, the best way to avoid hot air is to put the compressor in a cooler area so that it only takes in cool air.

  • Clean your air compressor regularly. Don’t let moisture or dust settle inside. Cleaning and drying the machine regularly will prevent build-up of rust and grime inside


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