Slash Your Bills With Energy Saving Ideas In Your Home Today

Slash Your Bills With Energy Saving Ideas In Your Home Today

People have been hit doubly hard by the cruel austerity measures unfairly imposed on them and by the escalating price of energy for their home.. Add to that the fact that the poorest people in society are often forced to use prepayment meters with the worst tariffs, and it is not surprising that much of the nation is at breaking point. Hopefully, things will change soon now that the media and charity organisations, whose complaints have so far fallen on deaf ears, recognise the plight of many.


If you can see tough times ahead, maybe your job isn’t as secure as you would like, or there is no prospect of a pay rise this year. You should think about taking measures to slash your energy consumption and bills. You will find some useful information here, to help you with your quest. If you are wise, you can cut up to fifty percent of the energy you use. That, I am sure you will agree, isn’t chicken feed. Read on and see if you can put any of the suggestions into action.


Bad Habits

The first and foremost thing to do is to gather the family to discuss the way they use energy in the house. Because we do not constantly think about the cost of energy, we waste it. It seems the younger you are, the more likely you are to leave the lights on in empty rooms, the biggest culprits being bathrooms and toilets. Explain to the family that you are struggling to pay the bills, and it will affect your ability to buy presents for birthdays and Christmas’ if you can’t bring them down. Encourage everyone to switch off the lights, televisions, and anything else that is left turned on when there is no-one in the room.


Do you hang your washing out to dry when the weather is warm and dry? Those who use tumble dryers when there is no need to may as well be flushing money down the toilet. It costs a lot of money in electricity to dry clothes, so using what god gave us instead is a no-brainer.



When one of your appliances comes to the end of its life, do not buy a cheap replacement. When you look at central heating boilers, washing machines, dishwashers, tumble dryers, cooking appliances, and anything else look at their energy ratings. In the UK, they are graded with letters and stars. The most economical to use are usually a little more expensive than the less economic ones, but you recoup the extra cost with energy bill reductions.



We have stated that everyone must turn the lights off when they are not in use, but you can still reduce the amount of electricity they use when they are on by changing the light bulbs. New LED (light emitting diode) bulbs use only a fraction of the electricity that incandescent ones do. Swap all of the bulbs in your home for these eco-friendly alternatives and start saving money straight away. There are even fire rated downlights to replace the halogen bulbs in your ceiling. The LED replacements will last for up to twenty times as long as the old bulbs, so they will easily pay for themselves many times over during their lifespan.



Insulation is intended to stop any heat escaping from your home. If you can keep it in, you do not need to make more to replace it. Most of the wasted heat in your home will be through the top of the house if you do not put a barrier in its way. Loft insulation that comes on rolls is relatively inexpensive for the job that it does, and, therefore, will pay for itself within a year or two; after that, it is working for you. You can buy the rolls when you can afford them, and install them one at a time. The first layer must be rolled out between the roof joists, but try to leave a one inch gap where the slope of the roof reaches the ceilings. That gap is necessary for ventilation in the loft. You can put as many layers of insulation down as you like. Generally speaking, more is better.


Heat escapes through the walls too, so if yours have a cavity in them, install insulation there. It is not a DIY job, but it is an essential one. The insulation is blown in through holes drilled in the outer walls and acts as a warm jacket for the rooms inside. It only take a day to put in and does not intrude into the property.



When you have tackled the loft and the walls, think about installing some highly efficient double or triple glazed windows. Old single glazed units are pretty hopeless at keeping heat in, and are the main cause of condensation too. The new windows virtually eliminate condensation and reduce the noise from outside too. The hinges and seals on uPVC frames are superior to the standard ones found on old wooden frames too, so draughts will no longer be a problem.


If you cannot afford new windows, try to improve the efficiency of your old ones with secondary glazing film, thermal blinds, and heavy curtains. The more layers you have at the windows, the better. Use curtains at the outside doors too, and cover the letterbox with a cover from your local DIY shop.


The Green Deal

The Green Deal is a scheme currently run by government that will reimburse some of the money that you spend on home improvements that will help you use less energy than you did previously. The Green Deal covers insulation and new windows. The companies that install them for you will be able to give you more information about it. Talk to them even if you are a private tenant because you may be able to come to an agreement with the landlord about the cost of the projects.


You will find that any of the above measures will enable you to turn the thermostat down a little. If you carry out all of the products, you will be able to turn it down much further, You will notice that your heating does not start up as much as it did before, and you will see the difference in you bills. I hope you have found this useful and that you are now determined to save cash.

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