Smart Ways To Lower Your Energy Consumption At Home

Smart Ways To Lower Your Energy Consumption At Home

The green brigade would have us all believe that it is vital we cut our energy usage at home, and I have to say that I agree with them. What we do as individuals will have little effect on the planet when you consider how many coal-fired power stations China is bringing online every year, but we can save money. There is no great mystery to slashing your bills; most of it is common sense. Let’s take a look at smart ways to lower your energy consumption at home.


Smart Meters

The first step is to approach your energy supplier to ask if they will install a smart meter. These intelligent little flow meter gadgets will tell you how much power you use on average and break down the consumption throughout the day. It helps you to see how your habits affect the power you use so that you can change your behaviour.


Wear Underwear

Since the invention of central heating and its application, people have stopped wearing as much underwear as they used to. Bring back the vest and Y-fronts combo!


One Degree

Turn the thermostat of your home down by one degree and make sure nobody turns it back up. The difference will be almost imperceptible. Do it again a few weeks later. You can save a lot of money with this simple trick.



There are die-hards who insist on baths rather than showers. It is time to be forceful and change their point of view. Showers use a fraction of the energy it takes to heat a tub full of water, so it makes sense to use them. If the person in question refuses, jump in the bath with them. At least you will save on the cost of your shower.


Generate Electricity

If you generate the electricity you use, the power company’s profits on your account will dip. That sounds good to me. Solar panels these days are highly efficient units that will produce electricity even on dull days. The experts who deal with solar power in Perth reckon that more people than ever are turning to the sun as a viable tool to help them lower their bills.


Hot Water

Are you aware that you can install solar water heaters on the roof of your house? Maybe  that die-hard can take a bath after all when the hot water comes for free. Even in the winter it will preheat the water so that your boiler doesn’t have to work so hard to get it up to temperature. The principle behind the heater is simple; run some black pipes through a glass tube that contains a vacuum, and the sun will do the rest. You know how hot a black car gets when it has stood in the sun for a few minutes; you can use that effect to your advantage.


Extra Insulation

Survey your home to see if the levels of insulation are adequate. Excellent insulation will help to keep the building cool in the summer and how in the winter, so you can save on air conditioning too.


As you can see, it is easy to lower your bills and stick two fingers up to the energy companies. Some of the ideas will require investment that will pay for itself over fifteen years. After that they run on a profit, which can only be a good thing. Be wise; take steps today!




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