Sustainable Condo Living: Is It Really Possible?

Sustainable Condo Living: Is It Really Possible?

The truth is, you can practice sustainable living no matter what type of home you have. It doesn’t matter if you live in a huge estate in the countryside or a small condo in downtown Toronto. No matter where you live, you can follow the green philosophy in pursuit of a healthier planet and environment. Real estate developers like Louie Santaguida, who are also advocates of cleaner living environments, always emphasize that the key is really consistency. Sustainable living is a relatively simple matter of using the three Rs, but you have to be unwavering in your commitment to do it, day in and day out.

What are the Three Rs?

1.      Reduce – You need to understand that the biggest environmental issues today are the proliferation of plastic items, destruction of natural resources and water shortages. It’s a global issue but everyone can do their part to resolve it. For example, you should not let water run unnecessarily. Turn off your tap while you’re brushing your teeth. Fix leaks in your toilet and faucet. As much as possible, don’t use plastic containers and bags when buying food and shopping for groceries, and instead, bring your own reusable containers and bags.

2.     Reuse – Reusing items can really make a big difference to the health of our planet. Use cardboard boxes several times before you throw them away. Drink water from a glass jar or bottle instead of those plastic containers that you throw away after use. Don’t buy new clothes if the ones you have now are still in good condition. On a related note, it may be better to buy good quality clothes that will last for a few years, than buying cheap clothes that you’d have to throw out after just a few uses.

3.     RecycleThere are so many things you can recycle such as plastic bottles, hair accessories, old keys, old furniture, etc. You have to change your perspective about throwing things away and instead think of creative ways to use them.

Modern condos nowadays are already designed to be sustainable. They have wider windows so you get more natural light and the living spaces are compact so each home utilizes less energy. But there are things you can do on your own to make living in a condo more sustainable, such as what is mentioned above. Moreover, do not leave your electrical appliances running for hours. Even if they’re on sleep mode, they are still consuming energy and are a total waste of money. Switch off your chargers, lights and electrical appliances when not in use and you’ll notice considerable savings in your utility bills every month.

Finally, use appliances that are Energy Star certified. Buying appliances that have this certification means they are the most energy efficient options available. If you are planning to purchase new appliances, always look for the ENERGY STAR® seal.

Anyone anywhere can do their part to protect the planet and help keep the environment. Why not start with our homes?


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