The Hidden Dangers You Need to Watch Out For When Buying a New Home

The Hidden Dangers You Need to Watch Out For When Buying a New Home

When you are buying a new home, it can be an exciting time. It is essential, however, that you do not become caught up in the excitement and ignore some basic safety checks. Many homes often go up for sale of which have a number of potentially dangerous issues. Upon doing the right tests, you will be able to protect yourself from buying a home that is hazardous to your health.



Asbestos can be very damaging to a person’s lungs. In fact, it is so dangerous that attempts are now being made to avoid building houses that contain asbestos. Nevertheless there are still some old houses that have asbestos in them. In fact, it may be the case that you accidently buy a house that has asbestos problems.


It is difficult to detect asbestos in most cases. You must, therefore, think about consulting with an expert. An expert will have access to something known as Polarized Light Microscopy. Such a tool will allow for them to analyse certain fibres and judge whether or not the fibres in question are in fact asbestos.


If they are, you will need to call in a company that specialises in removing asbestos. Finding such a company should not be complicated. A simple search in your local directory should help you find someone that can help you with the problem of asbestos.




Damp is another problem that can cause severe problems for people with lung issues. Thankfully, damp is much easier to spot in the home. Damp can often be recognised as a dark mold. Damp can be very expensive to fix, and there is no telling just how bad the damage is.


If you see a house that has some form of damp, get the damage inspected. You will then be able to work out how much repair bills are going to be. You will also get a sense of how much long it will take to fix things. In some cases, it might be better to just avoid a house that has damp problems.




Another problem you want to watch out for is pests. Pests might occur in the form of ants, mice, rats and even cockroaches. If you detect any signs that an infestation might be present, you may want to move on and pick another house. Signs of infestation might involve things such as rodent droppings.


There may also be pesticides placed around the house, of which are being used to solve the problem present. It can cost a lot of money to fix infestation problems. On top of that,  the results are not guaranteed.


Aware of the Danger Signs?


It is essential that you know how to spot some of the hidden dangers when buying a new house. Failure to do so could cost you both your health and your money. You will want to watch out for issues such as damp and asbestos. You may choose to move onto another house when you discover such problems. Either way, as long as you know how to detect the problems, there is no excuse for putting yourself in harms way.

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