The Most Important Reasons Why Walk in Showers are a Brilliant Choice

The Most Important Reasons Why Walk in Showers are a Brilliant Choice

Nowadays, bathrooms are no longer just basic, boring rooms where you can take a bath or shower and make yourself look good. The bathrooms of today are, in fact, taking on a central role in the home, since they can now be fitted with various modern accoutrements that can make them truly spectacular. One of these major elements that are all the rage is the walk in shower. Walk in showers are known for being stylish and elegant, and these types of showers give the bathroom an entirely new look and feel combined with enhanced practicality. But what are the other reasons why walk in showers are a brilliant choice? Here’s a list of the walk in shower’s most important benefits.

Safe and convenient access for everyone

Walk in showers can be a great option especially if you have elderly family members or younger children in the family. Why? Simply because they don’t have those pesky moving parts (such as sliding or pivoting doors) which can increase the risk of accidents. Also, there is less risk of slipping or falling if you have a walk in shower because most walk in showers don’t have prominent lips for the shower tray which a person has to step over. Walk in showers offer convenient access and are a much safer investment for the bathroom.


Another aspect which makes walk in showers immensely popular is their flexibility. There are many designs from which to choose, from basic square walk in showers to rectangular walk in showers and more. Walk in showers can even be built in a recessed area, making them much safer and less intrusive. You have choices when it comes to shower screen as well – you can choose to have a single shower screen installed or multiple panels installed depending on your taste and for practical reasons (such as protecting your other bathroom fixtures from water splashes). 

Easy cleaning and maintenance

There’s no doubt that walk in showers are easier to clean and maintain than standard showers, since there are fewer moving parts and the glass panels are often designed to have a frameless look without any rails or major metal parts.

Save space

Today, since there are more sizes of walk in showers available, you can install a walk in shower in the smallest of bathrooms. Some walk in shower trays can be as small as 800mm, so even if you have the tiniest of bathrooms, you can still have a space where you can comfortably take a shower. If you have a bigger bathroom, then so much the better as well – you can create your own more luxurious walk in shower that can give your bathroom a more stylish, sleeker, and more modern look and theme.



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