The ‘Smart’ Way to Green Living

The ‘Smart’ Way to Green Living

Everywhere you turn, it seems unavoidable to run into unexpected expenses. Just as you feel like you are on top of things, something always seems to happen—whether it’s doctor bill, property tax or some other expense that unavoidably ‘pops’ up. So when it comes to the bills you can avoid—or reduce, it’s not always so easy to scale back. But with home energy, you can become effortlessly more energy-efficient with smart home monitoring.

Home Automation

It’s easy to forget things day in and day out—like forgetting to close the garage door or turning the lights off when you leave the house. And undoubtedly, you were halfway to your destination (or even there) before you had to circle back home. Home automation alleviates all of that through an interactive app; letting you manage and control a range of features with the literal press of a button.

Home automation often includes the following remote features:

  • Lighting Control

  • Thermostat Control

  • Appliance Control

  • Garage and Door Lock Control


In the last three years, energy bills have gone up by 37 percent. And the culprit for this is our love for electronic devices and household appliances. Most homes have 50 or more devices that use either electricity or natural gas. If you live in a newer home that’s less than 20 years old, be aware that homes built after 2000, consume 2 percent more energy. Unfortunately, home energy costs are projected to increase in the coming years.

Smart home monitoring provides energy-efficiency by allowing remote access to the home’s various appliances, thermostat and lights. Being able to manage these at anytime; from any remote location allow people to naturally scale back on unneeded energy consumption.

Enhanced Home Security

Home control provides a heightened level of home security. Paired with an actual home monitoring system and you have a powerful combination. Not only can you remotely monitor and manage your home from any location, but you also have the backing of a security company. It’s being in control, while not having to be actually accountable for the security of your home and love ones. Make sure you select a reliable security company that provides excellent support and tools to properly protect your home.

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