Tips For Perfect G-Shaped Kitchen

Tips For Perfect G-Shaped Kitchen

G-shaped kitchens are similar to U-shaped kitchens, with the difference of a forth wall or addition of cabinets. G-shaped kitchens can be a good divide between the kitchen and living area in an open plan design as well as a great place to install a breakfast bar for the family. The only reason why the G-shape kitchen is not as common as the U-shaped kitchen in many contemporary homes is because it can feel very cramped if the area is small. It is, however, perfect for bigger kitchens or open plan designs.

As an extended U-shape, the G-shape offers a lot of storage space, more countertop space and additional seating options to your kitchen. Because the G-shape may also come with a few potential hassles, follow the tips below to ensure that, if you do remodel your kitchen into a G-shaped kitchen, you have a good function flow and an area that does not feel cramped.

  • Make sure the design of your kitchen is functional by creating a perfect kitchen work triangle.
  • Open it up to an adjoining room. The G-shaped kitchen is perfect for open plan homes so combining two areas will make the kitchen, as well as the open area, feel less cramped.
  • Only remodel your kitchen into a G-shape if there’s adequate space. The rule of thumb states that there should be at least about 4 feet of space between the peninsula and the opposite wall.
  • If your kitchen is dark, add a window or skylightinstead of a lot of artificial lighting. The natural light will make your kitchen feel more spacious.
  • Install an overhanging countertop to the peninsula so that you can add seating, such as bar stools, to your kitchen space.See more about Formica® LifeSeal® worktops.

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