Tips to maintain your plumbing at home

Tips to maintain your plumbing at home

When a property’s plumbing system is maintained, there is a minimal chance of any damage occurring. Although radiators normally have to be bled before they are used again in the winter, this is what has to be done in all homes which have central heating. This is because air gets trapped in pipes no matter how old they are.  There are many ways to maintain a plumbing system, such as fixing leaks as soon as they happen.


If a lot of water starts leaking from taps, this can flood the surrounding area. When a leak first appears, it can be fixed by tightening the bolts around the top of a tap. As a leak worsens, a lot of water can pour from a faucet. By fixing it long before any other issues happen, a major repair bill won’t have to be paid.


When pipes become clogged, this can cause a multitude of problems. For example, water cannot drain away. When a huge blockage happens, a local plumbers Belfastfollow company will have to be contacted. If many objects are stuck down a pipe, a plumber might charge a lot of money for fixing it because of how long it takes them. There are some pipes which are more susceptible to blockages, such as in a bathroom. By loosening a pipe with a wrench, it can be determined if it has any blockages.

The same also applies with a pipe that is under a kitchen sink. Large objects of food can cause a number of problems, such as spaghetti. When a lot of spaghetti is put down a kitchen sink and not in a bin, water cannot drain away. In this situation, a pipe doesn’t have to be unscrewed. This is because a plunger can be used to move spaghetti along in a pipe so that it no longer causes a blockage.


Waste disposal

A waste disposal unit should be frequently checked for leaks and blockages. In older waste disposal units, it can be difficult to break down larger items of food which are put into it. Before removing a slip nut with a wrench, turn a waste disposal unit off at the mains. Just like when removing a pipe that is under a bathroom sink, check for any items which have become clogged up. Even very small objects should be removed. Over time, it can attract grease and general dirt which can cause many problems. By removing all objects, the chance of a leak happening in a waste disposal unit are reduced.

Water pressure

When a property’s plumbing system has too much pressure applied to it, this can have disastrous consequences if left unattended. Some pipes might burst and a team of plumbers might be required to fix these issues. To avoid a large plumber’s bill, check water pressure with a pressure gauge. If it is found that water pressure is too high, adjust it with a pressure regulator. Although it might have to be fitted by a plumber, the cost of doing so will be minimal in comparison to replacing the vast majority of a plumbing system.

By taking the relevant precautionary measures, the pipes in a residential property can be maintained. Not only does much of the aforementioned advice require little time to complete but they don’t cost a lot of money either.

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